How to make an Arc Reactor with cardboard

How to make an Arc Reactor with cardboard

In today’s video I’m gonna show you how
you can make this Iron Man’s Arc Reactor using only some cardboard and a
few tools let’s dive into it hey I’m Raphael I work in the movie
industry as a professional Steadicam operator but I also have an unusual skill I
make awesome pops from movies like this with just a few pieces of cardboard and
some easy tools and I explain to you how to do this so if you are new here
consider subscribing In this video I’m gonna show you how to make an impressive
Arc Reactor which almost nothing But hey at any point during this tutorial don’t forget to check out the notes and links in the description below I’ll list all the tools that I’ve used as well as some additionnel ressources and of course
templates for all parts that I’ve build Now let’s jump into the video using precision knife cut all the pieces from the template which are linked in the
description below next with a pencil report them all on
your pieces of cardboard next cut all the pieces that way and I cut a few more like those ones next glue those ones together and hide the corrugations using a thin
piece of cardboard do the same for the inside next I covered out all of it with white paper that way question of the day who is your favorite
Marvel characters write their names in the comment section below I glued those ones
together as well and I did the same for these three
pieces next using the same techniques that I used before I covered them with
white paper afterwards I glued the little one right in the middle of the
big one, here. I cut four thin pieces like those ones and I glued them together And if a cat walks in front of the camera while you are recording cool it and wait a few seconds Next from this piece cut several pieces like this one afterward with this template which is in
the description below define the position of the wire coils to do it put
this piece right in the middle then using a pencil report all the
lines on your piece Then define a one centimeter space around each marks next I glued those pieces that I made before right on these marks to end up with
something like this using a pencil I darken them slightly next I cut and glued small pieces of
cardboard inside each of them that way afterward using grey cardboard paper I
made the wires To do them I started by cutting thin strips like this I shaped them with my fingers like this then I harden them using wood glue and I glued all of them on it using hot glue all the templates that you need are in
the description below but keep in mind that even with the templates you’ll
probably have to fit your own pieces to your own construction a little bit because at this point your build will be inevitably slightly different than mine I cut several more pieces like those ones on this one using a precision knife
I made several notches like this to end up with a piece like this pay
attention to let three empty spaces here here and here next I darkened the piece with a pencil I cut three little pieces like this and I folded them that way afterward I glued them on the ring then
using thin strips of cardboard paper I covered this piece to give it a grey
ton and then I glued it in the middle of
this piece remove what exceeds if needed then I glued the whole thing in the
middle of the arc that way next I made the rest of the wires
on the top I folded this one that way and I glued it
to make a ring then using the same techniques that I
used before I covered it with white paper and I glued it in the middle of this piece I cut this piece in several smaller pieces to make the fan and I covered them
with white paper as well I cut a round thin piece like this I
darkened it with a pencil Then with a sharp tool I made several holes on it afterward I glued this little ring on
it next I cut four pieces like this keep in
mind the arrow that I draw on it points to the top and I covered them with white
paper next I glued all of them on these pieces Afterward you can glue the two other rings glue this piece in the middle here If you’ve watched my other videos you know that usually I don’t paint my props because cardboard doesn’t react very well to the painting but this time I decided to give
it a try with some colored varnish for the white parts I used a mix of blue
and white in order to give it a kind of electric look I made another roll like this slightly
thicker that the ones that I used to make the wires in order to make the bolts next I painted the wires don’t forget that you can find all the products and tools that I use in the description of this video next I painted the rest of the Arc Reactor after that I also added a layer of
glossy varnish with a pencil I made marks to define the middle of each coil of wire I cut several more pieces like this then I glued those pieces on the marks and I glued both of them together I cut a ring like this I glued it on the top, here next I cut several more pieces like
this one Glue some of them on the Arc Reactor then glue this piece here and glue the rest of the other ones I’d like to take a few second to thank Bernadette and Sabine Godart for supporting my channel on Patreon that means a world for
me and if you want to support me as well don’t hesitate to check out my brand new
Patreon page in the description below by becoming a Patreon you’ll have access to
behind the scene, pictures giveaways and a way more or like Bernadette and Sabine
Godart you’ll have your name in the credits of my videos now let’s get back
into the tutorial make three thick rollers like those ones cut four little
parts from them and glue all of them on this piece with this piece of cardboard I made another ring I glued it here and I glued the other one on the other side to end up
with something like this I also added a little one here with the rest of the
three rollers that I made before I made the big wires for the back of the
Arc Reactor to make the pedestal I started by
cutting two pieces like this I glued them together I hide the corrugations with a thin
piece of cardboard then I covered it with grey cardboard paper I made another ring like this I close the corrugations on the outside but not
on the inside afterward with a pencil I wrote the
sentence then when you are sure about the design
of this you can reinforce the color with a black pen to end up with something like this next using wood glue I glued the little one in the middle of
the big one pay attention to have most of the thickness in the front of it I cut a few more pieces like this I glued these ones together with this piece I made a big roll big enough to welcome the back of the Arc Reactor I covered it with grey cardboard paper
as well and I glued it in the middle of this one I cut another piece like
this I crushed it a little bit using wood glue I made a thick roll with
it I cut one of the tip in an angle like this this I covered it with grey cardboard paper and I glued it on the back of the big ring next I glued the two pieces together
that way then afterwards I applied two layers of glossy varnish pretty cool isn’t it and if you feel
like you need to see more about a specific step sign up for free to my
email list in the description below and you’ll receive a timelapse video, start to
finish of the entire construction now check out this video right here in this
tutorial I’m gonna show you how to make an impressive Infinity Gauntlet out of
cardboard that you can actually wear and move the fingers and of course don’t
forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification so you don’t miss anything thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

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