How To Make Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Blackstone Griddle Recipes

How To Make Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Blackstone Griddle Recipes

what is up everybody this is Lila go
hippie BBQ well we’re gonna be cooking today as a recipe that is so good that I
only break it out like once a year we’re gonna be making some bacon-wrapped
grilled cheese sandwiches we’re gonna be doing it on our black stone griddle and
we’re gonna be using kind of an Italian theme with this come on in take a look
while we’re working with this bacon-wrapped grilled cheese you can get
as simple or as extravagant as you’d like you could basically just throw some
cheese in between two pieces of bread wrap it and baking grill it off and
you’re good to go I’m gonna be going with kind of an Italian theme on this so
we’re gonna be using some fresh basil mozzarella cheese bacon then I have some
artesian bread now I did this recipe in a video a while back and I used some
onions some basil tomatoes and a little bit more complicated but with something
like this I really think as simple as you could be the better anyway these are
our ingredients I’m gonna let this bacon come to room temperature and the reason
you want it to come to room temperature is you want the bacon to be somewhat
pliable so you can kind of stretch a little bit if you need to around this
bread so when this comes to room temperature we’ll get onto the next step
and get cooking this bread toasted up a little bit we’re gonna start building
this sandwich now part of the reason I toasted this was a moist bread is gonna
allow some of that well a lot more of this bacon grease to soak into the bread
so that toasting is going to kind of keep that from happening so basically
what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go ahead and hit this with our
cheese and this is gonna be a very cheesy sandwich we need a lot of cheese
to cut that bacon fat that’s gonna be in here so we got our cheese we got our
basil I’m gonna hit it again with some more
cheese get our top on now we are going to might be easier if I rotate this a
little bit and we are going to start wrapping this sandwich so you have the one side done when I go
ahead and lay some more bacon out we’re going to rotate the sandwich and get the
other side or other strips laid out we’re going to place this right on top
again and we’re going to come back the other direction all right now that we have this flea
wrapped in bacon let’s get out to the Blackstone and get this grilled up I’d
like to apologize for all this noise in the background so hopefully you can hear
me now one of the good things about doing
this on a flattop griddle is that unlike the last video I did a few years ago I
did it in a skillet and sometimes that bacon grease will have a have an
opportunity to kind of pull and soak back into your bread this should allow
us to not have that same issue so let’s go ahead and get our grilled cheese
sandwiches on and we’re gonna cook these on this side
until they become crisp and then we’re going to flip them over and then we’re
going to get the edges as well gonna flip this a couple times during the cook
but I want to do my first flip once the first once the bottom side to build a
little bit of a crust to it what should be about now now keep in mind we’re gonna sear these
sides again but we’re going to go ahead and get these edges now we’re just going
to get it up on its side and don’t worry about any just baking this map to fold
it all the way over we’re gonna get to that here in a little bit so let’s go
ahead and get this other side right quick we’re gonna go ahead and do all four
sides we got all these sides crisp so I’m gonna go ahead and take these off
they’re gonna continue to cook here for just a little bit I’m gonna take them
inside let it cool off a little bit and we’ll cut into it and see what we’re
working with so let’s get into this and see what we
think now from an aesthetic standpoint I did this probably three years ago and I
added some red peppers onions and the basil I think that aesthetically it
looked a little bit better from the inside just because there was some of
that red pepper coming through but let’s just go ahead and see we think here’s my thoughts after doing this two
times I think I will go with the more vegetable version like I did in the
previous one like I said I card above take a look at that video you know hats
of onions red peppers basil mozzarella cheese but I did not toast the bread in
that one and that’s one thing that I’ve learned over the course of doing three
of these that that is definitely a good rap to go so this bread is a little bit
crisper on the inside than it was another one so anyway
if you do this recipe you know what take that advice you can’t go wrong on it
either way that being said I’d like to thank you guys for stopping my no hippie
BBQ I appreciate it try this out comment subscribe I’m out. Blackstone griddle recipes.

52 thoughts on “How To Make Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Blackstone Griddle Recipes

  1. WOW!!!Fantastic sandwich!!!Looks so yummy!! Thanks for sharing. Thumbs up!!!Great video! 🙋 👍 😀 😍 😘 🌺 🌻

  2. OK,now I see why you only have this once a year. Lotsa bacon! I'd like to try this at least once. Looks mighty fine tasting Lyle.

  3. Very nice Lyle! Now I would of gave the bacon a nice basket weave look, but thats the woman in me saying that. It would give the sandwich the pretty look that you are going after. XOXO Happy cooking but better yet happy eatings!!!

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  5. Damn Lyle, that is one awesome looking sammich! Talk about a bacon explosion! Would a bacon weave work the same ? Holy cheesiness and what a crunch ! Great job brother Lyle !

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