How to Make Cat Shelves : DIY

How to Make Cat Shelves : DIY

Hey, everyone. I always felt that one of the walls in my room was pretty bare and so finally I decided that I wanted to build some shelves for my cat. Meet Gremlin. I previously built a cat tree for him so I figured a few shelves would be nothing. And the reason I wanted to make shelves for him partly was to put his food up there because my dog loves cat food and currently I keep his food on my dresser which my dog is now big enough to reach up there and get to it. So I needed a place that was higher up to put that cat food. And I also just wanted to give him some high places that he could hang out on. So today I’m going to show you guys how to make some of your own. Let’s get started. You’ll need a heavy-duty stapler that can also use brads or finishing nails, a drill, a jigsaw, wood glue, stain or whatever you want to use to finish your wood, carpet, food and water bowls with a lip around the edges, brackets, two hanging shelves, one piece of wood 10″ by 1″ by 8′ cut into three pieces that are 32″ long, four pieces of wood 2″ by ¼” by 4′. Take three of the pieces and cut into two pieces that are 32″ and 10″ long. With the fourth piece cut three pieces that are 10″ long. I wanted a nice clean look so I used miter joints. I made a total of three shelves but I only made two types, one being a food-and-water shelf with recessed bowls and the other being a simple carpeted shelf. First things first: You need to cut all the wood to size. I don’t have a work bench, so I just do this kind of stuff on my floor. I got the big piece of wood cut at the store, but for the smaller pieces I whipped out my miter box and pull saw and got to measuring and cutting.When you’re cutting wood for a miter joint you want the proper measurement to be the smaller face of the wood, like so. Only one end of the 10″ pieces need to be cut at an angle. The other just need to be cut flat because they’re going to be resting against the wall. For the food and water shelf take your bowls and figure out the placement you want. I decided to put one on each end. Since we’re making recessed bowls we’ll need to drill a hole into the wood that’s big enough to fit the body of the bowl but small enough so the lip can’t go through. I flipped the bowl over and traced around the bowl’s lip. And from there, since the lip of the bowls I used was about ¼”, I eyeballed a smaller circle that was shrunk about ¼” all the way around. First drill a pilot hole on the inside of the small circle, then simply stick the jigsaw in and trace the circle. I left the larger circle intact as a guide of where to 𝗮𝗯𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗹𝘆 𝗻𝗼𝘁 let the jigsaw pass, just in case. Time to test-fit the bowl. Perfect! Repeat on the other end. Now we get to assemble these things and, yes, back on my floor again. I really need a workbench. Apply glue and use the heavy-duty stapler to tack the wood in place with brads or finishing nails. I don’t have clamps but since these won’t be stress points you could get away with just using the brads to hold the wood in place while the glue dries. Repeat for each side and each shelf. You may have noticed I had a gap where the wood didn’t quite meet perfectly. It’s unfortunate, but thankfully it’s fixable. You just have to squirt some glue into the gap, sprinkle some sawdust into it, squish it in, and then sand the excess glue away. So if you have this problem, hopefully you haven’t cleaned that workspace just yet. It’s not the prettiest, but hey it’s better than having a gap right there. And for me, I stained them a dark color so you can’t even tell anymore. Here’s what the assembled food and water stuff looks like with the bowls in place. It’s coming together. Now just assemble the shelves that will have carpet in the same way, but we’re going to add the carpet after we finish the wood. So let the glue dry overnight, and then it’s time to finish. Finish the Shelves however you like. I chose a dark stain. Apply the finish and let dry or cure as long as the directions say. Once they’re dry it’s time to attach the carpet. First cut the carpet to the exact size of the big board, which was 32″ by 10″. This is the same carpet that I used to make the cat tree that I had mentioned earlier. I just went to my local hardware store and got a roll a remnant carpet for pretty cheap. I still have so much of that stuff that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. I put some glue on the wood and laid the carpet down. I don’t even know if the glue did anything because ultimately I stapled the carpet in place anyway, but it made me feel better so I did it. After I laid the carpet over the glue, I stapled it in place. I made sure to staple the crap out of this thing so the carpet would stay put if Grem decided to use it as a flat scratching post. And here are the finished shelves. Now we just got to hang them up. I wish we had splurged a little to get nicer brackets to hang these up but it’s too late now. Oh well. I could probably update them later. In stereotypical cat fashion, he was totally unimpressed and didn’t want to have anything to do with them, but a little catnip and some cat toy action later and he finally got up on them and besides coming down to cuddle with me while I sleep, he’s been up there ever since. I hope you’ll enjoy. I’m glad that they came out the way that I was picturing them in my head, and it seems like Gremlin loves them, too, which is the whole reason I made them, so that’s good. If you liked this video and want to see more then please subscribe, and if you have any questions, or suggestions for new videos then please leave a comment down below. As always you can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. See you next week.

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  1. Please show me what you did to make a cat tree my apartment is small I have a tree an my cat would love this make a tutorial please

  2. next time you have a wood project, I recommend putting a sheet, tarp, or newspaper down to protect the carpet. Awesome tutorial, too!

  3. Simply a great video! Many of the others I looked at, drilled wholes in their walls and totally covered their houses with cat walks. Your idea is so simple and practical and EXACTLY what I was looking for in making something for my cat. I also like your step by step videos. THey were so well done so i could follow you with no difficulty, Thanks a million!!!

  4. I'm planning on building some cat shelves for when I get a cat soon. This was so helpful, thank you! I was wondering, when you attached them to the wall did you secure the shelves to the brackets in some way? Or are they just resting on the brackets?

  5. What did you use to attach them to the wall where it would hold your cat's weight? I'm afraid that they will jump on it and it will rip right out of the wall.

  6. You got Mad Skills, Love the Music. Im from Hawaii and love the music, going to do something for My cat similar to this. Thanks for the video!!!

  7. i have 12 cats and i would like more ideas for their room i have three cat trees but i am going to be fixing up my house and i would like to biuld stuff in the wall that can be pulled out they can climbon and when they do not want to play it can be pushed back in

  8. Does your cat play with the clock chain hanging down? LOL! Good idea though ..I'm going to make some for my 2 cats..they will love them! Thanks for the video!!

  9. I am an OLD handy-ma'am and love to see young women taking to heart the old saying "necessity is the mother of invention"! I am collecting ideas for a Christmas present for my sister and her cat and found your shelves! Next time I have to check on her cat while they are away, I will take pictures and measurements of her laundry room where her cat likes to hang out. She feeds him on her ironing board because of their dog, but complains about his hair left behind. I will make her a couple shelves, one with a hole for his food, and a gift certificate to install them where she would like them! I think I will get a couple carpet tiles with sticky tape to use instead of staples.

  10. Very informative video! And it's very useful that you showed the actual actions of cutting, gluing, stapling etc. for us less handy folks. I wonder if the depth of the shelves matter? I have some existing Ikea shelves that I want to carpet and make them high hangout places for my cat, but I'm worried that they may be too narrow? They are 7.5 inches.

  11. Do you mind me asking what power tools you use? What brand jigsaw?! I really wanna build a kit and try this project out!

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  13. I've been a profesional carpenter for over 54 years now and I have to say this has to be the most unsafe cat shelf I've ever seen in my life. HANDS DOWN!!! I highly reccomend that anyone thinking about making this death trap doean't do it because you will deffinetly kill your cats within 20 minutes!

  14. I LOVE IT …im only 10 now but later it going to happen I'm going to have 5 cats [Alex] boy [Sara girl] [Karen girl] [Damien boy ] [Zack boy] LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT you go girl I love you videos and I am a cat person

  15. This girl does the most get a piece of wood any size u want . Then go buy something to hold it up . Then done no cutting or buying 8ft of wood . I made shelf’s for my car using 10” by 2 ft peace of wood and there are shelf’s everywhere now

  16. Calling it a heavy duty stapler probably appeals to a less tool savvy viewer.
    But calling it an electric nail driver might get some of that cringe out.
    Educate your audience.
    Nice video either way.

  17. Saw Home Depot had a nice selection of floating shelves at a very reasonable price. For the price I would pay online for a curved one, I can buy a straight one that looks just as nice for a faction of the cost. I figure I could buy 3 for the price of one. They also have remnant carpet or will go to the dollar store and buy the carpeted pet mats. For me if I had to buy the equipment to do 3 or 4 shelves, it would be cheaper to buy the ones already made. You did a beautiful job on your shelves. It is more fun doing it yourself than buying, but at my age, some things are cheaper buying.

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  20. I used carpet glue when I glued my carpets to my cat benches and perches. It's more smelly but the odor goes away after a few days. It sticks better than wood glue. πŸ˜‰

  21. This is AWESOME! I have looked at countless DYI shelves for cats and they all were so….involved. This is simple and to the point. And I don't need huge machinery to do it! Subscribing!!!!

  22. I love the way you explained this! I work in carpentry and the men always make projects sound much more complicated than they really are (job security) you go girl!

  23. 5:57 do you just put the plywood like that or you screw it to the wall? if just put like that the plywood will not fall?

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  25. One thing I would have done differently is painted the hardware the same color as the walls. Only because I hate shelves that have clashing hardware, and I don't know how safe floating shelves would be in this case.

  26. Omg, woman! I do the same thing on my floor. Stupid ex husband would start whining every time I'd start a project instead of helping. Notice i said Ex. Keep being a strong woman!

  27. You did great, I'm here because I need to make some of those for the house cat, I'm a dog sitter and kitty needs a place to hang out without being bothered, I also have to feed the cat on a kitchen table if not the dogs eat his food..

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