How To Make DIY Shutters – Home Improvement Woodworking Series

How To Make DIY Shutters – Home Improvement Woodworking Series

This is the first of a series about DIY
home improvement projects on a budget. Today I’m going to show you how to build
these DIY shutters. For the free plans and details on this project visit or click the link in the description. So here is the before shot,
now since this video we’ve had the whole house repainted brick and all. I’ve taken
down the shutters the front porch railings and so there’s just a clean
slate. Now I need to get shutters back up on the house. So, I’m using one
by material, one by six. I bought eight foot boards and now I’m just going
through and cleaning up the ends and cutting all the boards to length. When
this step is finished I’ll end up with some long boards and some short boards. This is a very simple project and that goes together very very easy. So, the
thing that I did to put them together, I wanted to put them together from the
backside so I wouldn’t have anything showing from the front side except the
screws when I install them on the wall. I’m creating a jig of sorts on my outfeed
table, so I’ve got a couple of boards that I’ve got clamped up on the edges.
I’ve nailed down some strips of wood to hold the front part of the shutters down
on the table and then I’ll lay the long boards on top and just nail them into
place. I’ve got my spacers there and I’m holding it with my hand tight
against the board that is on the edge of the table to hold everything nice and
tight and that’s it, everything’s good. I just finished nailing everything
together and making sure everything’s square now I can get to the part to
where I have to sand and then stain which is not my favorite. So while I’m
doing that I want to thank Atlas 46 for supporting this project. If you have been
following me for very long you know that I wear this vest in all of my videos
and any of the projects that I’m working on I have this vest on. It’s really
really handy to have that on me at all times. If you want to check out Atlas
46 there’s a link in the description. Go check them out. So, I want to address the color on these shutters. I’m using an English chestnut,
but if any of you know about English chestnut you know it’s got a red
tint to it. I did not want a red tint so I did not mix up all the stain together
I’m using the brown, the top layer of the stain that’s in the can to get this
brown color so all of the red is settled at the bottom and that’s just what I
chose to do and it turned out great. To mount the shutters on the wall I’ve
got to transfer my measurements from the wall down to the shutter. Now I’m going
into a brick wall and did not want to drill holes into the brick so I’m
drilling holes into the mortar and tapping in some anchors so that’s all I
should need for these to be hung up. They’re not very heavy so they
should be just fine. Once I’ve transferred the marks I can
drill the holes and then I’m going to hold this up on the wall and I apologize
beforehand because I didn’t get really good footage of this but you kind of get
the idea here. I held the shutter back up on the wall make sure everything was
going to line up just right, made my marks a little bit so I could see and used a
hammer drill to drill into the mortar and tapped in some anchors. If all my
measurements are correct the screws will be in the right place to hit the anchor
behind the shutter. I went ahead and started my screws into the shutter so
it’d be easier for me, by myself, to hold the shutter up and then drive the screw
in. Once I get a couple of them in, it should hold itself up and I can get up
on the ladder and finish installing these. It turned out great!
I dressed it up with a little bit of hardware and I couldn’t be
happier for the way these turned out. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Leave
me a comment down below as to what you think about the color, the hardware,
the new painted brick, and if you want details on this project, links for the
hardware that I used and step-by-step instruction, be sure to hit that link
down in the description and visit the website so you can get the free plans
for these shutters. If you want to make a little bit of money on the side
use the plans to make them to sell them or even make them for your own house but
once I had these up on my own house I had several people ask, hey can you make
me those shutters, so anyway try it for yourself. Thank you for watching,
subscribe if you’re not subscribed to the channel, hit the link in the
description to visit the website article and as always I appreciate you watching
and we’ll see you next time.

29 thoughts on “How To Make DIY Shutters – Home Improvement Woodworking Series

  1. Just a thought. Maybe add washers as spacers between the shutter and the brick. Itโ€™ll keep a small space for water to move freely, air to move and the shutters will last longer. Thatโ€™s what I did anyways, seemed like a good plan to me. Great work!

  2. Great video, those could easily be made into functional shutters. Which come in handy down here on the coast.

  3. Shawn, the house looks great. The shutters are really nice too.
    Board and batten shutters are timeless and give a nice custom look to most houses.
    Well done Sir! Well done!

  4. Good job.
    Made identical shutters a couple years ago.
    Placed an ad online selling them. Not a single person contacted me ๐Ÿ™

  5. Very nice! Love the flow of the video, simple, to the point, well done. Great job, love the shutters. I need to find a place that needs some shutters.

  6. Looks great! One question though. It appears you added some very nice operational hardware, any reason you decided to make the shutters non-operational?

  7. Great job! My wife and I are considering almost the exact same style custom shutter and outside brick color that you chose to go with on your house.

  8. Great video and straight forward design! I think the stain color looks great too! Wondering if you could share the paint color used on the brick and siding? Thanks!

  9. Fantastic job on the shutters. Finally someone realizes they need to look architecturally functional for the window they are hung on, and the hardware definitely lends an authentic look.

  10. Great video
    Iโ€™m getting ready to do this exact project in the next few weeks thanks for sharing
    Iโ€™d have to say Iโ€™m going to put my hinges on the horizontal board instead of where I saw them here though

  11. Great straight-forward video. Are you using pressure treated pine? Considering building some to add some curb appeal to my home. Thanks!

  12. I have vinyl siding. Do I screw the screws straight threw the front into the siding? Also what screws should I use? Thanks so much!

  13. Hey those look pretty nice, but I also looking for something that I can use during any weather event like a hurricane. BTW I live in Florida.

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