How to Make Easy 3D Styrofoam Letters DIY Sign For Only $5!

How to Make Easy 3D Styrofoam Letters DIY Sign For Only $5!

If you’ve ever priced out custom
lettering then you’ll know just how expensive it can be well on this episode
of Designed to the Nines, I’m going to show you how to make it for pennies on the
dollar and it’s much easier than you might think so if that sounds good to
you stay tuned! Welcome to Designed to the Nines, I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel today I have a very special episode planned for you, we are going to be
making three-dimensional lettering that you can use in so many different ways
you can use it in your home decor so and we’re gonna be doing it on the cheap I’m
gonna be making my logo for my set here because we are getting ready to do an
extreme makeover on my craft room slash studio area and it’s gonna start with
this sign if you have noticed the giant elephant in the room which is this frame
this is going to be going up around it behind me so… can you imagine that? so
let’s get started I’m going to start by using my Cricut machine so we’re gonna
pull up Cricut design studio here in a second if you don’t have a Cricut
machine you don’t have to use this technique you can easily just do the
same thing by printing out your letters that you want to use and cutting them
out by hand and tracing them on that way so feel free to do that … so we’re gonna
go in and I’ve already designed my logo in there and I’ve got it ready to cut
and all we’re gonna do is hit make it we are going to be cutting out lettering on
regular white poster board be sure to put it on that setting on your Cricut
machine when separating the lettering I’m very careful when lifting any edges
and use the Cricut spatula tool because I want to keep both pieces of the poster
board for different reasons we’ll discuss later if you’re not using a
Cricut I would just print it out on regular printer paper and trace it onto
the poster board and cut it out by hand this technique is totally doable it will
just take you a little bit of extra time I picked up this frame on clearance I
had planned on doing my own frame building it myself but then I walked
into Hobby Lobby found this frame it was the perfect
dimensions almost like the law of attraction in action right here because
it was exactly what I was looking for and already built and it was on
clearance for $16 which is a really a good price so that was a huge savings
and I don’t have to build a frame now so make sure you always go check out the
Hobby Lobby clearance section because there you can find some really cool
things I know I have so yeah all we really need to do with this is paint it
out in this really pretty gold color and it’s gonna be a lot of fun so we’re
gonna be making our lettering out of foam which is really lightweight it’s
gonna be much easier than working with wood and it will hang on the wall super
easy and if you watch my last episode where I built my heart-shaped DIY
topiary tree which is kind of an exciting episode if you haven’t seen it
yet you’ll have to watch that after this episode is over but you will know that I
discovered a hotknife which is really a cool tool I mean honestly it cuts
through the styrofoam like butter and we are gonna cut our lettering out of
styrofoam and then we’re gonna kind of zjige it up and make it looks good I
start out by laying the template down and tracing it onto the styrofoam you
can also use the outside of the letters as well I was able to fit my entire sign
onto just two pieces of crafting styrofoam then I take my hot knife and
cut it out be careful not to leave it in one area for too long but this worked
great for me practice makes perfect and I got better with each letter I end up
doing two coats of paint on the outside of the letters because even though I
ended up wrapping it in a rhinestone ribbon that I picked up from the Dollar
Tree and gluing that on I didn’t know how much it would show through so I
could have gotten away with one coat and I also did one coat on top just to give
you an idea of what it would look like painted out we are done putting on our
rhinestone now again you don’t have to do this step you could paint the
outside black you could paint it whatever color I just kind of wanted to
cover up and mask as much of the foam as possible… but look how cute this is!! now this
is where you’ve got a lot of options as far as how to top it because I don’t
want to leave it with the styrofoam because I just really
as an unfinished look to it and I don’t know how to plaster yet so if you’d like
me to learn how to plaster the styrofoam so it has a really nice smooth finish
let me know in the comment section below I might hit up my friend who’s a
drywaller and maybe they have some tips on how to plaster styrofoam especially
in a smaller scale like this I’m not quite sure to how to go about it but in
the meantime I don’t want to leave this styrofoam unfinished like this I just
don’t think that it will look good or the quality that we want on our project
so this is what I ended up doing I ended up taking the white poster board that we
used kind of as a stencil and just spray-painting it in gold and it turned
out beautiful and I think it’s gonna look amazing on our 3d lettering so
that’s what I’ve decided to do you can use any color you could go with the
silver or a bronze or whatever to kind of get that metal finish so if that’s a
look that you like I highly recommend it now they do offer some prefinished gold
poster boards that you could definitely use but they are like $5 a sheet and I
needed two sheets and I was able to get mine for $0.50 a poster board so that’s
way cheaper and I already had gold spray paint on hand even if you had to buy it
would still be cheaper than buying two poster boards the possibilities are
endless you could go pick up some wood scrapbook paper and give it a wood look
you could go with you know a glitter paper and so you’ve got a lot of options
when it comes to the way you finish out the tops of your styrofoam now this is
something that will look so cute in the nursery and I am so excited to have it
behind me and see how that that looks I mean I’m really excited this is really
meaningful to me because this is all made possible because you’ve watched my
channel so that makes me feel a little bit sentimental now all we’re gonna do
is we are gonna put some spray glue on the back of the poster board we’re just
gonna spray it then you need to let it set at least 30 seconds maybe up to a
minute so it gets a little tacky before you put it onto the foam and I would
recommend doing the spray glue over some other adhesive because you’ve got to be
careful about it eating away at the foam now don’t spray this spray glue directly
to the foam for many reasons I found that if you spray things out of a
can onto Styrofoam it tends to eat it away… now it’s time to hang our frame
and I’ve already spray-painted it gold so it’s like ready to go I’m just gonna
go ahead and center it around this navy blue stripe all right so we’re about
done here and what I did is I took the template that we use to cut out our foam
with and I’ve hung it up here and got it laid out how I want and I am gonna just
go ahead and kind of trace it out because it should be a hidden a little
bit by the extra width that we added from our trim and that way all happen on
the wall and then we can just go ahead and use command strips to attach it to
the wall it’s a very lightweight so that should work out just fine for our
purposes okay so I have three on the back of that letter and we’ll go ahead
and try to find where we’ve got that we’ll line it up and press it and we’ll
just go all the way across to say that I am thrilled with a sign
would be a total understatement I love it!
it was $12.50 (US) for my entire sign including the frame it was $29 but if you were doing
just a single name you could definitely get the job done for under five dollars
especially if you had some free foam from like some packaging that you could
use free foam… art… awesome! if you enjoyed this episode here’s another one that I
think you’ll like as well until next time bye!

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