How to Make Glass Mosaics : Mosaic Ideas

How to Make Glass Mosaics : Mosaic Ideas

So this is this is clip one and its about
how to pick a suitable idea to make a glass mosaic. I don’t know how to explain this except
that sometimes ideas just come into my head out of someplace. Or else I think maybe people
would like to see something that’s more abstract and I just kinda just have fun with the glass
and add other materials to it and so on. Other times I see pictures of something like I saw
a picture of a Beatles on Abbey Road and I though boy that would be neat to do that in
glass. Or pictures of some horses I saw in the paper that were, they had their noses
together, looked like they were kissing and I thought that was really sweet. Or else sometimes
I see a picture of horse races like this in the paper. And I think, boy that would be
neat, how could I put that all together in a horse race? So one of the ways you can get
ideas for doing a project like this is to maybe scan over some art books. There’s a
lot of art books that are out there and all the old masters and different people or more
modern things. Whatever you might learn. Or even pictures in the paper. Anything, a scene
you might see, take a photograph of it. I’ve done that too. I’ve taken photographs of things
and used that as a basis. So those are some of the ways that you can use to start with.

10 thoughts on “How to Make Glass Mosaics : Mosaic Ideas

  1. Wow! Your work is amazing!! You have a natural talent. Thank you so much for the idea of looking at pictures in books or magazines to get ideas. I am just starting to make mosaics but can never just think of a design. Do you have a website? Great video too!!

  2. Hey I was going to do my patio, what would be the best materials to do for rain and other harsh weather periods?

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