How to Make Tiger Pattern

How to Make Tiger Pattern

A lot of you have asked for a tiger print
video, so here we go… Here is one way you make a tiger print pattern. I start by making stripes that taper off toward
the middle. I think the main key to making it look more like tiger is for all of them
to sort of follow the same direction and taper in the same area. And some areas can have random small stripes. And some stripes connect, but still taper
in the same area. In this case, toward the middle. Some can branch off with small stripes. And
some can form into more complex stripes. You can also leave gaps inside the stripes. And there is a tiger print pattern. In the
comments below, feel free to tell me more of what you would like to learn how to draw
or paint onto your projects. For more print pattern tutorials, go to my
channel and find the DIY print patterns playlist. For even more tutorials, be sure to subscribe
and check out my channel. If you like the tiger pattern, you might also
like these other animal inspired videos here. You can also find the links and more in the
description below.

99 thoughts on “How to Make Tiger Pattern

  1. wow girl, you really are great at it, I've watched a lot of videos about how 2 do all kinds of print designs, and you are the best one to me, …your eye gets every details and you recreate them with perfection, THANK YOU dear sea lemon girl, you rock!
    please 4give my errors in english, I'm french, thanx again, bye bye xo

  2. Your tiger stripes are awesome I wish you were selling vinyl decal sets for painting I think you do great !!!

  3. Hi, I'm needing tiger shark stripes. Can't get the hang of it free hand with a airbrush so I will try making my own stencil. Thanks.

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