How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Adhering Mosaic Tiles for Your Tile Mosaic Project

How to Make Tile Mosaics & Patterns : Adhering Mosaic Tiles for Your Tile Mosaic Project

Hi, I’m Faith, and I’m here at Flat Fork
Studio and I’m here to show you how to adhere tiles for your tile project onto your wire
mesh which will then be transferred to your final piece. Previously we drew out our pattern
onto the paper the next step is to take some fiberglass mesh place it over the top so you
can still see the pattern- the lines- through the mesh. Here is an example that I’ve already
started. Basically you dry set the tiles- you set them on their dry- and you follow
the pattern around the lines. See, this piece will fit into there. I think this piece fits
right here. Sometimes it takes a little jiggling to find the proper way that it goes, for the
best fit. So now we have our pattern lined out and these are just dry set onto the mesh.
From here, I take tape and I start taping over my pieces. What this does is it keeps
the pieces in place while I…in a minute we’ll turn them over and then I’ll put
the adherent to the back- the glue, the liquid nails- I’ll put this on the back of this.
So then at that point we can transfer it onto our original piece. So let’s go ahead and
finish this one. This will allow me- this will keep all the tiles in place so that all
I have to do is flip this over. Now from here we want to adhere the mesh to the back of
the tiles. Here I would get some liquid nails, caulk tube, and go ahead and place a little
dab onto each piece. You don’t need much, just a little bit of caulk. Now I’ll take
a spatula or a putty knife and gently press the glue through the mesh onto the backs of
the tile. You set that aside and let that dry, and when you’re finished you have a
piece that looks like this. And you see we didn’t press hard enough to let the glue
come up past the surface. And that is how you adhere, you transfer your tile pieces
onto the mesh.

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  2. @gfsugar2plus lmao to funny, and the response seals the ignorance in the 'cock' teehee. Good grief the Doors sang it best with people are strange!

  3. nice… krafty kiddos has a 1.5 minute video that shows you to actually crush your own pieces for a mosaic and make them into a vase – pretty cool. mosaics turn something ugly into something beautiful… easier to do than you'd think!

  4. 1. Draw/print a pattern
    2. Lay out your mesh on the pattern/or see through plastic sheet
    3. Lay out your tiles of choice on the mesh/sheet
    4. Tape your tiles
    5. Flip it over
    6. Take off the mes/sheet
    7. Glue the backs of the tiles
    8. Place tiles on glass/a source base of choice and keep firm in place till stuck
    9. Let dry
    10. Take off the tape
    11. Grout your work
    12. Remove excess grout with damp cloth
    13. Seal your grout
    14. ….
    15. Profit!

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