How to make Tree pot TOWER using plastic pipe (with english subtitles)

How to make Tree pot TOWER using plastic pipe (with english subtitles)

hello! in this video, I am going to show how to make a treepot stand by plastic pipe at first, I am cutting this 3 inch pipe at a distance of 1 inch I am fixing those rings with the same 3 inch long pipe with the help of glue here this glue I’m using is used for water pipeline in home, which is available in hardware stores I’m using a plastic stool for making it stands before using the glue we have to clean the areas of this stool and pipe with emery paper or any knife This whole system will be very lite since I am making the whole system with plastics so it shouldn’t be kept in place where wind blow very strong, otherwise, it will fall down. in that case, you can make the bottom part with cement concrete instead of the plastic stool for planting the plant I am using this plastic cups but you can also use any kind of plastic glass or pot of same size here I’m making the soil, I am using 25% cocopeat, instead of that, you can also use wooden powder or rice husk. and 75% mixed soil which contained 25% cow dunks and 75% normal soil. these are snake plant which I am going to plant in these pots you can keep this plant indoors or outdoor means you can keep this in any shaded place or in open sun whatever you like. and these plants can survive with very small amount of water for making this stand more strong after using glue I am using screw to fix them more firmly

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  1. আমি আপনার ভক্ত হয়ে গেলাম ভিডিও টা দেখে। ভালো বুদ্ধি দিলেন।আমার বাগানে জায়গা কম তাই এ পদ্ধতি আমি করতে চাই যদি অনুমতি দেন

  2. Me gusto mucho ….lastima que solo me guio por lo que veo por que no entiendo el idioma…. 😢😢

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  4. Es buena la idea,pero tendria mayor soporte, si hubiera entrado el tubo al centro del banquito a raz del piso. Felicidades buen trabajo. # amo las plantas

  5. Allah Kare aapke aise kam ko dekh kr logo me tree or small plant lagane ka shauk or paida ho jaye

  6. Hello bro Neelkant.H. Happy friend ship day. Hatsoff for ur creativity mind. So quickly u did (tree pot tower with plastic pipe) everything. Let us follow nd try to do the same nd keep ourselves busy nd happy. Thank u. Takecare bye.

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