How to Make Wire Sculptures : Types of Wire for Wire Sculpting

How to Make Wire Sculptures : Types of Wire for Wire Sculpting

I’m Mark Kooy here with Expert Village and
we’re going to be talking about wire sculpture and braising techniques and tools. All right,
to begin with as we look at doing our wire sculpture, we need to talk about some of the
different kinds of wires that you might want to use. One of the popular ones that um, that
I like to use is copper wire, right now in today’s prices it’s a little spendy and
if you’re just starting out or what I like to as I begin I use just regular steel wire
to be able to do a lot of my casts or 3-dimensional types of sketches before I go and spend the
money on copper wire. You can go to your hardware store and you can get all different kinds
of gauges, and wire is measured in gauges, not in inches or parts of inches. So you’ll
find that you’ll be getting like 12-gauge or 10-gauge or different sizes of wire. Uh,
the one thing you do want to watch out for, it’s not impossible to work with this, but
if you find shinny wire like this its galvanized, usually, unless it’s stainless, and then
you’re just; you’re dealing with some other issues. But the galvanized wire, when
you heat it up with the torch is going to put off some fumes that could make you sick,
not permanently but you, its kinda like having a bad hangover. So you don’t really want
that. So, what I suggest for beginning and for doing your test runs and figuring out
maybe what you’re trying to accomplish, is just plain, mild steel wire, you can get
it at the hardware store, a lot of times its by the concrete, they use it in doing cement
work, it does come with an oil on it, which will burn off. But those are the basic kinds
of wires that are kinda fun to work with and I find that the mild steel has a lot of different
capabilities and gives you a variety of things that you can do.

12 thoughts on “How to Make Wire Sculptures : Types of Wire for Wire Sculpting

  1. I just use jewelry wire from the craft stores. The warning labels on all the wire I can find at the hardware stores claim that they contain chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and other issues in the state of California. I'd rather stay away from those, especially for sculpting art…

  2. Thank you for great info. Years ago I saw medium to medium/large sculptures made of embossed or molded window screen material. I don't remember it having any framework or armature.. Are you familiar with this kind of work and do you know if it has a name. I've been trying to get information about the process and the art. The gallery no longer exists and my memory is bad.

  3. Can you recommend a wire that doesn't have oil on it? And what gauge is best? Can you also recommend some sources of where to buy it? Thanks.

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