How to make Workshop/Garage Storage Racking

How to make Workshop/Garage Storage Racking

I think most of you would be familiar with my workshop and some of you may have noticed that there’s a dividing wall down the middle of the shed that was there when we bought the property I kept it as it was to use one half for the workshop and the other side for storage these racks the other side of the wall were here too they’re pretty awful they’re badly made and don’t use space well at all so today I’m going to build some new
racks to fill the back wall I’ve pushed everything to the front of the shed to make room so I can build the racks right here but before I get started I should explain why I’m doing this I’m going to extend the workshop into this side so the front half will become a metal work area where I can forge, grind, weld and any of that sort of thing I’m using 25mm galvanized box-section for the frame and 12mm ply for the shelves so let’s get started I desperately need to get on with some organization in the original woodworking side I’m struggling for room in there and everything is start to pile up on itself it just needs organizing better and moving the metalwork tools into the new area will help up till now I haven’t found the time to get any of this done as I finish one project and I’m straight on to the next but now’s the time to do something about it over the next weeks and months I’ll be completing a few projects to try and improve things some of those projects won’t be video worthy but I may add short unlisted videos of those too for anyone that wants to follow
along I don’t want to clog up the channel with that sorts of content so they’ll be more of a bonus video that I’ll post to the community tab if you want to see these videos you’ll need to click the bell to get a notification otherwise you won’t see them when they’re posted I made these guides to support the crosspieces while welding them they took just a few minutes to make I didn’t show that because they’re pretty simple to see how they work but they’re worth the effort as it makes life easy and it keeps things consistent whenever you weld galvanized steel be sure to wear a respirator and also work in an open space as the fumes are very poisonous I’ve welded galvanized steel plenty of times before and never had a problem it’s not the easiest to get a neat job but that doesn’t really matter when you’re only making racking these first welds aren’t so good and what I didn’t realize and I’ve just found out is gasless welding is the best way of welding galvanized steel that makes sense and would be the reason I haven’t had problems in the past because I’ve only recently started using gas at this point I swapped the welder over to flux core wire one benefit of gasless welding is you don’t need a shroud I also decided it was about time I lined that wall at the back with plywood so I got that done and I even painted the door that really is much better it’s not pretty but it’s a good strong weld this is a pretty cheap way of building racking steel box section from a steel merchant doesn’t cost too much it’s strong and being low-profile it makes great use of space it’s quick and easy to cut and weld and it’s perfect if you want to custom fit a storage rack into a certain space and just like magic here’s the second one the level of the floor is out here and there especially around the shed post so I put a few packers under the legs where needed now that I’ve secured the racking with plenty of screws I’ll start making the shelves with tall racks you need ladder and to see how I made this one I made a separate video and to view that click the link above I couldn’t reach off my step ladders earlier to fix the top shelves down but not a problem now I’ve got the ladder and that’s it the racks, the ladder everything’s complete the video is a bit different to my normal content but I needed to get the job done and hopefully it was useful to somebody and you still enjoyed it if you did please like and subscribe thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one

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  1. You have plenty of room height overhead to build an upper deck. Great job, good and strong. I watched the vids backwards, still equally enjoyable.

  2. I was thinking of doing some racks like that (probably not that high and wide, but similar in style), so YES it was useful to me. I'm now making a desk for my wife's office, so the little jig tip was perfectly time. Great job as always! Thanks for sharing

  3. I liked that. Very few likes which it’s disappointing. I don’t have any welding equipment so not for me but nevertheless it’s a great video.

  4. Muy buenas estanterías para recojer y tener ordenado.
    Una cosita.. No se por qué no esta la opción de traducir al español. Gracias

  5. This was great, really enjoyed it. I’m excited that you get to expand your shop some! That’s always fun. Now to watch the ladder video.

  6. We used to make up similar ones 30 years ago for shipping container site storage. We found unistrut was a good option …. but we didn't have to pay for it and the company didn't want a set or raggerdy arsed sparks let loose with welding kit ;0)

  7. Please feel free to "spam" my youtube feed as often as you want. Love your videos and learn something new every time.

  8. me gusto este video y mas los trucos de madera para soldar muy prácticos ya los use y también lo de soldar con flux core de valiosa ayuda. saludos desde méxico. sigo tus videos y suscriptor de tu canal.

  9. Very nicely done. You assumed when putting the two halves together that your floor was level, that is a luxury some of us don't have… 🙁

  10. Those are the most gorgeous home-made racks I've ever laid eyes on! Also, love your video editing. P.S. I see pupper, I like.

  11. Hola amigo que pasó que sacastes la traducción en español doy seguidor tuyo podrás ponerlos de vuelta. Gracias abrazos

  12. This content is not a distraction to the channel! As always, it's informative, interesting and entertaining. Thanks Pask

  13. Pask Makes uwielbiam twoje filmy jestem z Polski to tam przed Rosją 😂 dzieki twoim produkcjom czerpie inspiracje !!! Świetne filmy !!! (Pask Makes I love your films I am from Poland, there before Russia 😂 thanks to your productions I get inspiration !!! Great movies !!!)

     Poznaj wymowę

  14. Excellent project, but I'm curious why not use bare steel instead of galvanized since the latter causes so many issues? I would have to paint the joints anyway, doesn't seem like a big deal to just paint the whole thing.

  15. Neil did you think of using the "French Cleat" system, its often said stuff stored away is forgotten about, or in my case i can't find the blinking things, i did build shelves out of timber, after watching your great effort i should have used timber uprights and square steel beams. i don't have a welder.

  16. Your content is great. I think the shelves and ladder are perfect. You're just missing 1 thing. A scissor lift like the 1 in this video: would see you from having to labor with heavy or awkward items on the higher shelves. You could lift it close, climb up and slide it on the shelf. Same thing pulling something off. Thanks for your videos.

  17. I just spent the summer visiting one of my workers who cracked his skull because he fell just 4 feet at the back of a van. It took him 7 weeks to get part of his skull back in his head since they were storing that bone in a fridge. They were waiting for his brain to shrink back to its proper size. I wish you don’t have to fall from this contraption and have to go through he went through. He will be back to work next spring.

  18. don't worry about the content, just keep making them ,,, it the oddity of your work that's makes them a must watch ,, ,,, like your '' PASK JOINT's '' , tool making, decorative lamps ect,,, and most from scrap woods, just shows any thing is possible if you set YOUR mind too it !

  19. Really great video. Very useful with the addition of a few smiles along the way due to the splendid animation. Thanks very much for sharing this.

  20. You're maybe used to it but what a beautiful outside place. And a metal workshop will mean scrap yard metal vids?!.;)

  21. I’m a little surprised that you didn’t put at least one support crossbar in the middle of the underside of the shelves. Maybe you’re not gonna have stuff that’s all that heavy? They look like long enough shelves to have some serious sagging in them over time, if you have a substantial amount of weight on it, but maybe not at all since U got the steel border. Nonetheless, great job on the building and entertaining editing as always, especially the ending. Thanks for sharing & keep them coming! Aloha

  22. looks great! I will be following along with all the videos in the series…gotta go, need to learn to build a ladder!

  23. Buddy ? Scrap wood ? Why would you make it like that ? I'd of made the same thing out of wood ? You just lost a subscriber !

  24. I welded galvanized almost 70 hours a week for 2 years. If you take a cut off wheel and "scuff off" the top layer of galvanizing you get a much stronger prettier weld! Then once cooled spray a cold galvanized paint over top and will minimize rust!

  25. Your definitely a jack of all trades! You should make a knife sharpening video cause I cant sharpen anything to save my life

  26. I don't know what I envy the most : your skills or the fact that you can work with shorts and t-shirts in an open garage every day of the year…

  27. Love the video! Thanks. I'll be keeping an eye out for those community notifications for similar videos. Cheers, Craig

  28. Nice work mate. A hint for the future, dip each end of the gal tube in HCL and paint onto the straight's to remove the zinc coating, then just paint with cold gal when your done, and Robert's your father's brother! No more toxic fumes! P.S. Serious Shed envy!!!

  29. Oh! That's different, but it's not worse than your other videos. I like your way of implementing your projects and enjoy watching them. I can always learn something about it.
    I have to build such a similar ladder, rather a staircase, in the outdoor area and have already taken a few tips. Thank you very much.

  30. My late Dad always emphasised that time taken in jig building and preparation was time well spent and shows in the final result. That welder's magnet on the door-frame actually made me lol. Beautiful example of how to make a long tedious job pay off. Well done Neil, next time you're in UK, I need a shed and a garage fitting out the same way, cheers!

  31. Nice job! From what little I know of welding I understanding that grinding off the galvanized finish greatly reduces the fumes. And another benefit of flux-core welding is that it's not affected by wind as MIG welding is. Of course, there is more spatter and more cleanup… but not a big deal.

  32. Hello from Texas Pask. I really enjoy your videos and am encouraged by them to do similar projects. May I ask how long the shelves took to complete? Thank you

  33. Nice sound effects, Mr. Pask! Great build. I’m thinking whatever you put on those top shelves had better not be a needed item. That’s way up there! 😋

  34. I think I would have added an angled piece between the horizontal top of the ladder and the semi-vertical part of it so that it would be a bit more sturdy if I was carrying up a heavy item.

  35. Yes of course we like this video….well, except the 13 people that gave a thumbs down, but that's nothing! I rather enjoy all your content, so keep it up!👍

  36. I see several comments about how to clean up the zinc before welding, but my question is why not skip it all together? do you need galvanized when the shelves are inside? or is it that you couldn't get raw steel?

  37. I didn't hear you mention it, but just an FYI: welding galvanized steel is a good way to get metal fume fever. You should grind off the galvanization with a flap disk and a respirator on before doing it, or just get raw steel and finish it after.

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