How to Make Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Art

How to Make Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Art

How to Make Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Art. Take a break from watching your lava lamp,
and have some freaky fun with phosphorescence. Inspired by the Instructables project:
You will need A pencil Laundry detergent with whitener/brightener A bucket, paintbrush,
and water A damp sponge Two 18″ fluorescent black light tubes with matching fixtures Surge
protector and a blank wall or other surface. Before you paint, apply a small amount of
detergent to an inconspicuous part of your wall. Allow it to dry, then make sure you can remove
it with a damp sponge. Some materials and paints may absorb detergent,
which would make your masterpiece permanent. Step 1. Pick your design. Using a pencil, lightly trace an outline of
the picture onto your wall. Step 2. Prep your detergent: If it’s a powder, mix
it in the bucket with water until you get a paint-like consistency. If you’re working with a thicker liquid detergent,
you may want to thin it with water to make it easier to spread. Be sure the detergent contains a “whitener”
or “brightener.” This is what makes it glow when exposed to
UV rays. Step 3. Using your brush, paint the detergent mixture
over your pencil marks. After the first coat is completely dry, apply
a second coat to fill in any missed spots. Keep a damp sponge on hand to deal with drips
and mistakes. Step 4. Assemble your black lights—which are also
known as UV lights and can be found online—in their fixtures. Plug them into a surge protector, and set
them up on either side of your design. Don’t use incandescent UV bulbs. They don’t create enough light to produce
a good glow, and they give off enough heat to be considered a fire hazard. Step 5. To achieve the most spectacular effect, make
the room as dark as possible by drawing the curtains, shutting the door, and turning off
the lights. Step 6. Invite a few friends over, flip on the black
lights, and revel in your awesome artistry. Did you know Other items that glow when exposed
to UV light include petroleum jelly, tonic water, milk, and cat urine.

50 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Glow-in-the-Dark Art

  1. OKAY!!!! … nah cat piss is radioactive.. at least my gf's is… single drop reeks up the house so his box is outside but yeah i wanna see that glow lol probly bright ass green

  2. My friend did this… but when we were invited over, and he flicked on the black light to see his masterpiece that he had painted on the wall… his bed lit up…

  3. you could write scary creepy messages to the next people who buys your house
    lol then on the news……………..

  4. What the hell are cats drinkin that makes thair piss glow in the dark,and how the fuck did we find this out?

  5. @Diamonds6Bxxth thats not how i knew, i have it in my cat facts book and i known that for over 3 years!! i cant beileve you all them people dont know that!

  6. @boompowzing
    yeah I know right…

    step one: have a cat
    step two: collect cat urine
    step three: paint with the piss on the wall

    did you know that earth is an planet

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