How to Make YouTube Channel Art in Photoshop that Fits

How to Make YouTube Channel Art in Photoshop that Fits

Hey there YouTube! Today I’m going to show you how you can get the perfect fit for your YouTube Channel Art using Photoshop and a template guide. First, let me show you why using a template guide is important. If you design to the entire canvas, when you go to youtube to edit your channel art, your channel art will only be displayed correctly on a tv. If you notice, the uploaded channel art is
cut off on the desktop view as well as the mobile view. In order to get the perfect fit for your YouTube Channel Art, I have a free template guide that you can download. The link will be in the description box below. No gimmicks. It’s a direct link. You will not have to view any ads to get to the template; however I would appreciate it if you disabled your ad blocker on this video. Once you have the template saved, simply open it up in Photoshop. We’re going to use the rectangular marquee tool to select our template and copy it. Let’s start a new image in Photoshop with the dimensions of 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels. On this new image, let’s paste our template. I’m going to go find an image to work with so that I can design a channel art banner for demonstration purposes. You want to keep all of your design elements inside the box labeled “text and logo safe area.” This is the darkest shaded area of the template. This will give you the perfect fit when your channel is viewed on both a desktop and a mobile device. Once you have designed your art to your liking, make sure that you turn the layer that contains the template guide off. You want that to be invisible.

37 thoughts on “How to Make YouTube Channel Art in Photoshop that Fits

  1. Thanks for the template! I spent about an hour and a half without the template and it wouldn't work even if i distorted it! I can't tell you how helpful this is 😀

  2. Thank you this video was really helpful.

    I wish you would make a longer one that added a few more instructions for those of us that are not proficient in PS.

    For example how do you change the background color to red? I could not figure that out but I watched your video several times.

  3. Hey girl, this video helped so much! I'm running into the most obnoxious issue and was wondering if you knew how to help. I set the document exactly like you did in the video with the correct size/measurements. But no matter what I do, whether I use Photoshop or Illustrator, the image saves in an incorrect size. I tried exporting it as a png, jpg, and for web, and still no luck. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? When I check the image size in the document it's correct, it's just saving wrong.

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