How to Pack Picture Frames & Mirrors

How to Pack Picture Frames & Mirrors

Welcome to the last stop for all you’re moving needs! has created a series of videos
full of insider tips and instructions teaching you how to pack just like
the professional movers do So if you’re not sure about the best
way to pack your picture frames we’ll show you how Before you know it, you’ll be packing
your picture frames like a pro When packing picture frames,
you’ll need a few materials thick brown packing paper, mirror boxes a roll of packing tape,
and a permanent marker Now that you know what you need,
let’s jump right in! Before you start packing, you should set up
a packing area, like the one you see here Use a moving blanket or something similar
to protect a tabletop or other surface and then gather all of the supplies you’ll need. Lay the picture frame in the middle
of the stack of brown packing paper and wrap it in the same way you would wrap a gift Neatness isn’t important just make sure it’s wrapped tightly Use plenty of tape to ensure the frame is secure Even though the frame will be put into a box it’s a good idea to label it once it’s wrapped You can indicate which picture it is and to
which room it belongs in your new home Next, start preparing your mirror box Generally, a mirror box is made up of two
pieces that fit around the frame and can be adjusted to whatever size you need Take one section of the mirror box, and stuff
some packing paper into the corner and sides of it This will give your frame some cushion
Do the same with the other side of the box Next, slip the frame into one side of the
box and press it firmly into the paper Add some extra paper around the frame if necessary Then, slide the other portion of the mirror box
into the first and over the frame Push the two pieces of the box firmly together
to ensure the frame won’t move around If you’re packing a bigger frame, you may need to
use four sections of mirror box, as shown here Tape all the way around the box several times,
and in a few different places That way the box won’t come apart while in transit Once your picture frame is packed, label the
box with its contents and room destination Now your frames are ready for the move By now, you should be an expert in packing
picture frames. Check out where you can find professional-quality moving
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us at [email protected] One of our representatives will answer
your questions as soon as possible
For all your moving needs!

11 thoughts on “How to Pack Picture Frames & Mirrors

  1. You own the same dinning room set I do except your looks much newer. Got my directly from Mexico for $450 about 14 years ago.

  2. Great work on the packing job. For expensive pictures or mirrors or moving long distance, this is absolutely the way to go. But, it can become expensive when buying multiple kinds of specialty boxes. A good way to pack less expensive pictures on a local move while on a budget is just by wrapping them with packing paper and breaking open a medium box on the seam and wrapping around it and taping it shut.

  3. How do I pack a floor mirror? like over 6 foot high and 2-3 foot wide? Can we buy those boxes @ Home Depot?

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