34 thoughts on “How To Paint A Crashing Wave At Sunset Scene – Mural Joe Live 9/7/19

  1. omg man!!!!u mis the most crazy colors on the canvas and make it look amazing!!!i would be afraid to mix all that straight on the canvas!!!lol

  2. Love watching you work dude. You sound a bit like that guy Deadpools friends with behind the bar! πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘ ☘

  3. Enjoyed that lesson a whole lot Joe! Fabulous Seascape! Love the gifts God gave you and how you've shared them with us all! Cheers ';D

  4. Thank you Joe. You de-mystified breaking waves to some extent. They still seem like complicated shapes , but I guess practice is necessary on my part. I am fascinated by the was you do colour and I appreciate the benefit of your research. You’re a good teacher. My parents were teachers too, so I really appreciate the effort that goes into a lesson sometimes.
    The set up of the background looks sophisticated and classy too. Your camera operator did really well coming in close when needed but going back to give us the wider view.
    Thanks to both of you.

  5. I love how you explain everything. Your videos are my favorite painting videos to watch and I feel that I learn a lot from watching them. I have a few suggestions on video topics that I would love if you cover in the future. Can you show us how you would paint a waterfall (showing both the top & bottom part where the water crashes)? Can you show us how to paint Hot Springs ? Can you show us how to paint crystal clear water versus murky water ? Can you show us how to paint water puddles from a rainy day? Can you show us how to paint a rainy day ? Can you show us how to paint a snowy day ? Can you show us how to paint ice , such as a frozen puddle or frozen river or ice sculpture?

    I'm fascinated by different ways to portray water. I know that you have a lot of videos where you teach us how you paint water but I always enjoy watching more of them. I feel like I learn new things when I see how you paint water in different environments.

    Thank you for all the videos! They have been very helpful! Your teaching style is awesome! πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you for uploading this. This is just gorgeous! Have enjoyed watching you for years, never tire of it. Difficult to express how much you have made painting fun and enjoyable.

  7. Hi Joe. First of all. thank you SO much for sharing all your good advice on how to paint and make things look right. I have had such a pleasure watching your videos AND I have learned A LOT πŸ˜€ … Especially the trick, using purple/violet had me dancing with joy <3. I have a question… how much time do you use on a mural, in general? I know it's hard to say, as walls are different in size, and the paintings different in form of details. But lets say the painting in your daughters room in 2016… how much time did you use on that one ? PS: I love when you talked about hiking with your friends, telling about how you think/study about colors, forms and shapes affecting each other…. I do exactly the same, thinking How would I paint this and this, and what colors would I use, and this would look amazing as a painting…. always thinking in paintings. It's just nice to hear about someone doing the same thing inside their head ;-). Loads of likings, thumbs up and happiness from Denmark

  8. Been watching you for a few years now – LOVE your talent and gracious teachings, Joe! Thank you for all you do for budding artists and all of us that paint and enjoy researching the many versions/viewpoints of other artists. You're a joy to watch and so very talented.

  9. What I want from a teacher, instructor is WHY. You never disappoint. I think you are a great role model for all of us. Thumbs up to your parents. Hope you add this to buy on your website as a download.

  10. Thanks Joe for sharing your talent with us all…and your brothers help, you have influence me to share my talents with others…Thanks.

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