How to Paint a Fall Scenery with only ONE Color // Monochromatic Watercolor // Art Journal Thursday

How to Paint a Fall Scenery with only ONE Color // Monochromatic Watercolor // Art Journal Thursday

hey guys welcome back to a brand new episode of I’d rather stay when we get creative every single Thursday here on this channel this time is going to be a little bit different because I decided to make this series in two seasons and this season will have nine episodes the whole experiment and try new techniques and ways how to paint with watercolor squash and acrylic paint and in this video we’ll be able to paint monochromatic to not only simplify the painting process but also to learn more about how to work with different shades and composition let’s go [Music] so what does monochrome or a monochromatic painting mean to create a monochromatic painting you only need one color for example red and blue are different colors but dark blue and a light blue are not these are just values of the same color light middle and dark values as I mentioned in my video about the difference between the different art mediums depending on the amount water you mix into your watercolor paint the lighter or darker you can make the value of the specific color so to create a monochromatic painting I would suggest to pick one color and then just practice with it first since I wanted to paint a full scenery I decided to test out different Brown shades to see what I can get out of them before I decide on one but you can of course use any color of your choice so first you can use just a tiny amount of water to activate the paint in your mixing palette and then applied to the paper and then you can use either a brush or a pipette and then add a few drops of water into the paint now here I added two or three drops each time to make the value lighter and lighter don’t worry if you don’t have watercolors in tips I will cover the pans in the actual painting later as you can see it the more water I add the paint the lighter it gets you can create these charts for multiple colors to see how the other values look because sometimes similar colors look almost the same when they are dark but once you add lots of water you can discover that some colors have certain undertones such as red blue or yellow but since in watercolors usually work from light to dark let’s create the same chart but this time from light to dark here use a different brown color and edit just a tiny amount of paint into my mixing palette and then added a ton of water to create a light value and to make the value darker and darker you can now load up the brush with a little bit of paint and then add it to the water mixture from here just repeat the steps add more and more paint into the mixture and add it to your chart after some time you will get the feel for how much or how little water you need to create the desired value for my painting I decided to go for a more gold brown color because I wanted to have a color that has a more yellow and red undertone because I wanted to capture this warm golden light of the fall season here used water color in the pan and create a chart first – just to experiment and you just get the feel for the paint I loaded up the brush with water a little bit of paint and then added the edge of the mixing palette and then I added a lot of water to the palette to create a light value from here I repeat the same steps as shown in the beginning I added more and more paint the same mixture to create some more lighter values but also to create the middle and mcduck values with this exercise you don’t need to be super accurate with the amount of paint or water you add it’s just to get the feel for how much or how little paint of water you should use to create the desired value by painting want a chromatic you don’t only learn about a different values but he also learned about the contrast between them so depending on how dark or how light the value of a certain color is can determine if the object will just fade into the background and become rather unimportant or if it will stand out and become the focus of the whole composition for my painting I why don’t you put the focus onto the contrast between the dark background and the bright background to really emphasize the brightness and the warmth of the Golden Sun that’s why I started off by mixing a very light value of brown color and by applying edge the whole page this is going to be the base for the whole painting once this layer is dry you can add a little bit more paint in the mixture to create a darker value put this paint we can now go ahead and add the first trees in the background as you can see the trees look really soft and subtle and that’s what you want to achieve we want to add more and more trees one layer at a time and make them darker and darker while moving towards the front if you want to create a very soft and misty forest you can lightly blend out the lower part of the trees to just blend them into the background a little bit and then repeat the steps add more paint into the mixture and create more trees in the foreground once the layer has dried as you can see it the painting already looks more three-dimensional with the trees far far away in the background with these few trees and front and the trees and next to the streets to the left I think I overdid it a little bit and added too many trees in one place but I just wanted to play around with this technique and see how it looks I think is such a fun technique to practice different compositions and what well used to use to make something stand out or disappear in the painting here you can see that the people in the lower part are rather dark and the contrast between the trees is not big but between the lighter and the darker trees in the painting there’s a huge difference so here I think you get the feeling that the people are coming from the darker part of the forest and move towards the sunset and maybe with just the Sun that looks through the dark forest and this very bright and warm I could have still add a little bit more shadows here and there but I think for the first practice it isn’t that bad and it was really fun to experiment with this technique if you’re going to recreate this painting or use this technique don’t forget to use the hashtag look maker so I could find it and feature it in one of my future videos for more wonderful videos you can check out the videos right here thank you so much for watching guys a wonderful day and I will see you soon bye [Music]

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