How to Paint a House : How to Spackle Interior Walls

How to Paint a House : How to Spackle Interior Walls

Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter. And today I represent Okay now, we’re to the
preparation part of spackling. When you spackle you do want to have yourself a good flex blade.
It’s a little different from a normal putty knife. It’s the only time you need another
blade. But this will make it a little easier to work the spackling. Now, you can work it
with a straight blade if that’s all you’ve got. If all you have is a stiff blade, it
will work. But you’ll be able to get better action out of the flex blade. Now, what I
do usually once I’ve removed all the pictures from the wall and I’m ready to go ahead and
do my spackling, whether that hole is for an existing picture or one that’s going to
go up later, I go ahead and spackle it. They can always put another, another hanger in
there if they need it. But if they left the hanger on the wall, okay, then I’ll go ahead
and leave that. Then, just paint around that. But generally, we’re going to want to remove
the hangers, you know or the nails that are on the wall. Then spackle over those little
holes. So you’re going to go ahead and bring up the edge of your top there. Take that off
and get a little of that lightweight spackling on your, on your flex blade and you’re going
to use your flex blade because it’s going to give a little bit. Now, the first thing
to do is just get something on here. Get them up in there. Lay that stuff on there. Just
get it on all of them a little bit. You can see with this flex blade, you can work it
a little bit because it gives. Now, once you’ve got the stuff on there, get the excess off
your knife and just run that off. You can see that evens it on out. By doing this, you
give a nice even look to the wall. Now, when we roll over that it’s going to completely
disappear like there was never a hole in there. Now if you run across a larger hole, something
that’s over a quarter inch or so, a good little painter’s tip is to stick some newspaper up
behind it and then go ahead and lay your spackling in over that. Now, when the holes get big
like that, it’s a little different. For that you want to lay the spackling up real heavy
on top so that it kind of bows out a little. Then when that all drys out good and solid,
sand that off flat and you should have no problem. Just be sure any newspaper or any
object that you cram in behind that is below the surface of the hole and when you put that
on there, you should be able to flatten that out even. You can do the same thing on the
ceiling holes too, whenever you have those little hooks and stuff. Bow those out a little
bit too and then it can handle a little larger hole. Now, that’s all you’re going to need
to know about spackling and if you take these basic steps, you’ll know how to spackle your
walls and have a beautiful paint job.

13 thoughts on “How to Paint a House : How to Spackle Interior Walls

  1. You should never stuff newspaper in a hole..either cut the whole bigger, shim and repair with a fresh piece of drywall or use fiberglass tape..this all depends on how big the hole is ofcourse

  2. Not to be a negative nancy, because i hate when miserable people post angry things at people trying to help. but for nail holes and holes in general up to even an inch in diameter you do not use spackle. spackle is for defects in the wall such as indentations, cracks, etc. a hole is different. when the spackle dries and you sand you will surely break the thin layer of spackle covering the nail hole. You need to fill holes with a paintable caulk, that expands in the hole. than finish with spackle

  3. @Commando303X Newspaper is a great idea, you just shove the newspaper past the hole in the wall so its not even with the drywall or sticking out past the drywall

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