How to Paint a Kitchen : Patching a Hole in Wall Trimming with Wood Putty

How to Paint a Kitchen : Patching a Hole in Wall Trimming with Wood Putty

So only a couple more steps in our kitchen
painting project, before we’re actually ready to put the paint on. We’re still preparing
the surface. I noticed as I was going along that there is actually a piece of wood missing
from the trim here, right next to our wall repair. So I thought I was going to take some
time and show you guys how to repair that with some wood putty. Now normally we go around
with the wood putty and fill minor holes and nicks and things like that. And it dries pretty
fast and it holds pretty solid and it has the properties of wood. In this case it’s
really deep, as you can see, and there’s actually a piece of wall missing. So we’re going to
have to put a backing on that. Any time you are caulking or filling anything, any hole
that’s deeper than about a half an inch, you’re going to want to back it with something. Meaning
basically to just stick something else in there so you’re not continuously putting too
much putty in, otherwise it will take forever to dry. So for our case here, we’re going
to just use a little bit of this fiberglass tape and we’re going to crumple it up. You
could actually use anything. You can use crumpled up newspaper, that’s pretty common for plaster
repairs, or anything that you have laying around. Okay, we’re going to just crumple
it up into a little ball and just start to fill our area. That way we’ll need less wood
putty and it’s going to dry a lot faster. Let’s see, I’m just going to crumple up another
little piece. Just kind of jam it in there really good. So it’s basically doing most
of the filling with your backer, whatever you’re crumpling and sticking in there. And
then you don’t really have to do too much puttying. So I’m going to take my wood putty
and a small putty knife and I’m just going to goop it up, apply a bunch of product in
there. Make sure that I’m pushing it into the backing, just kind of getting the whole
thing filled. You want to make sure that you do push a decent amount in. Then this is a
case where you may need one or two or several coats. And you are going to give it a slight
sand as well, so you don’t have to perfect on this stage. Okay. Now we’re going to let
that dry and we’re going to move on to the next step.

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