How to Paint a Kitchen : Spackling Cracks in Kitchen Walls

Okay for this step in painting our kitchen
we’re going to want to repair some of our areas that are needed. The biggest thing that
I can notice is this major crack that’s occurring over here. Now this is where we’re going to
have to do a plaster repair. And it’s actually such a significant crack that we’re going
to want to reinforce it with this fiberglass drywall tape. So let me show you how that’s
done. You just want to take a piece of the tape. We want to use our razor knife. Cut
just the right size. So let me get that measured out. Right there. And this is going to prevent
it from recracking. It’s got a little bit of a flex to it. It has a sticky side. So
you stick it right over the crack. Now we’re going to spackle right into it. Take some
joint compound. Take a wide putty knife or a trowel. You just want to really fill the
area. You want to use as much as you need to fill the gap. And there is going to be
a second coat. It does not have to be perfect. Just basically covering over the tape and
the crack. But apply a good amount. Then just gently smooth over. Beautiful. Take our excess
put it back in our container. Then we want to immediately clean our tools with some warm
water and a cloth. Okay so that does it for the first coat of joint compound on this nasty
crack. We’re going to probably want to do at least one more coat to smooth it over but
while this is drying I’m going to show you how to do the caulking.

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