How to Paint a Living Room : Cutting In the Walls to Paint a Living Room

How to Paint a Living Room : Cutting In the Walls to Paint a Living Room

Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter and today I represent Expert OK, we’ve gone ahead and
painted the ceiling and it’s dried in really good. SO now I’m going to go ahead and cut
in my walls. Now when you’re cutting in the walls, a couple of things you need to think
about, the top edge is going to be the most important one and that’s going to be the line
that everyone’s going to look at. If you need to tape this, go ahead, but if you’ve got
to tape this use the blue tape. Don’t use the yellow or you’re going to pull that old
paint off of there. Whenever you’re cutting in the walls you don’t need to worry as much
about covering the whole room, the important part is to cover a good swath up next to the
wall. Now when you’re painting a wall those drips are closer to the ground so they’re
going to be much heavier, so try to double those drop clothes up or use cardboard. That
way it won’t bleed through and get on the surface underneath. Now, the main thing you
need to think about when you’re cutting in a wall is you want to cut in this top line
along here and you want to cut along these tape lines as well whenever you’re covering
anything up. Speaking of tape, we are going to paint up next to masking tape today and
you’ll see when I’m painting that I don’t just slop that brush up next to it. If you
do that the paint rolls underneath the tape and makes a mess. So cut in nice and sharp
up to that tape line and you’ll never have a problem and you’ll get a nice straight line
from that. So, remember, get a nice full brush of paint and once you have that full brush
of paint just tap that out into the sides there until that seals in nice and tight then
go ahead and throw out that first line. You can see, I just cut that line below it first.
Just get that paint up in there. Now once you have that up there just go ahead and cut
your line on across and then you can just even that out. You can see here this line
is a little ragged, that’s why I taped it. But, you just want to work it so that you
don’t lay a lot of paint up on there. And then just go ahead and brush that on out.
It’s just a matter of working with the paint. You see, I’m just working that
up in there, and then even it out. Now remember when that brush goes on the wall it’s making
a mark, when you pull that off the wall it takes that mark off. You’ll hear me say that
a lot because that’s the first thing you really need to remember about working paint. Once
you have these lines laid out just even them all out, pull them all out so it doesn’t make
marks. And then just carry it on down to where you can reach it before you have to move your
ladder. That’s looking good. Got a nice sharp line and I want to keep a wet edge so I’m
going to keep working down the wall. These are just a few of the tips you want to keep
in mind whenever your painting the walls on your interior living room.

16 thoughts on “How to Paint a Living Room : Cutting In the Walls to Paint a Living Room

  1. i havnt seen a decorator on you tube yet that can cut in . and some times you have to calk the corners . if you squeeze the calk in properly with your finger . .and if you can cut in . you get a perfect line tht wont crack again

  2. I have 3 rooms I have to paint this weekend….Ive bever painted before and I'll probly do a better job then this guy! LOL And that color is just all wrong. YUCK!

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