How to Paint a Living Room : How to Tape Walls for Painting a Living Room

How to Paint a Living Room : How to Tape Walls for Painting a Living Room

Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter and today I represent Expert Now, I’m going to talk
a little bit about taping but before you do any taping be sure you take your duster and
dust it all down real good. Now, you always want to dust but especially with taping because
a little bit of dirt and this tapes not going to stick. So go ahead and get your tape, and
I just use the yellow, I recommend you use the blue especially if you’re new to working
with it because it doesn’t leave any glue behind and you don’t have to be as careful
with it. You can use the yellow if you’re experienced with it, but remember, if you’re
going to leave that tape on there a long time don’t use yellow, use blue. I never had much
trouble with the yellow just because I don’t try to stick it down to hard so if you are
using the yellow don’t press is down real, real hard or it might leave a little glue
behind. If you just put a light touch on there it’ll do the trick and when we get to the
painting I’m going to give you a few tips to keep you from making a mess with it. So
lets go ahead and run our tape down and you can see this ripped off so we’ll use a short
piece in the corners to get it started. And we just want to dub our line. You can see
there’s a line here, you see where the old line is, I’m just going to go over that and
even that out. We’re pretty happy with that. Also, I know I’m going to put some molding
on that later, I know that, but I’m not doing this job as if that’s going to happen. I’m
assuming I’m not going to do that at all. So I put a line here that will cover the existing
paint and make a nice straight new line as well. Now I’m going to go ahead and bring
it over the top. As you can see this is a ragged end on this so I want to even that
out. Just straighten that out a little bit, pull it off straight. Once I have that off
straight then I’m going to go ahead and just pull out a little bit to work with. I’ll just
start working that top line. You see, I’m just working that top edge and working that
up in there. Once that’s in place pull it on around and you’re going to shove that up
into the edge here so that we get all of this covered. And when you get to the end just
tear it off. Now, I’m going to go ahead and bring it on around when I move my ladder and
when I take it on down. But these are a few basic tips you need to remember whenever you’re
taping off a room.

22 thoughts on “How to Paint a Living Room : How to Tape Walls for Painting a Living Room

  1. Hello, My name grrady johnosn, and my video tape is poorly.
    Do not make a video with your nose all exposed like that.
    .YOu are looking at the camera in the wrong manner; get professional advice about videoing.

  2. Hey everyone is not the professionals you guys are. I use tape and i paint for a living I don't use it to cut in but I do use it to tape down plastic over the floors. The guy is obviously working with a small budget not everyone is a Porter Painter. He is trying and in my book that is worth something…

  3. Or you could just make a paintbomb like mr Bean. It won't be as professional but it's a lot quicker.

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