How to Paint a Living Room : Rolling the Walls to Paint a Living Room

How to Paint a Living Room : Rolling the Walls to Paint a Living Room

Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter and today I represent Expert OK, we’ve gone ahead and
cut in these walls, now we’re ready to roll. Now when you are rolling a few things you
do want to keep in mind. First of all, never touch up on the ceiling with your wall paint
or it’s going to show, no matter what it’s going to be a different color than ceiling
white and that’s going to come right through, so you want to cut down far enough so that
when you roll you’re not going to knock up on there, so that’s one thing you’ve always
got to be careful of. Also, whenever you’re rolling next to a surface you need to keep
clean, go real, real slow that way it won’t throw flakes that are going to roll out on
you. And, most importantly, be sure to drop very, very well with double thick drop cloths
to allow for the thicker drops and put that right up next to your baseboard, without having
it roll over on the wall which has already been painted when you cut it in. Now, the
first thing you want to do it get a nice full roller and then start to lay it out. Remember,
when you put the paint on just get a lot of paint on the wall first a little bit away
from the edges and then start to lay that paint out. The way you lay paint out is when
you lean on one side of the roller it’s going to make a mark and push paint onto the wall.
Now when you lean off of that side it’s going to take that mark off and lay it out. And
you’ll see when we start to roll that that’s gonna kinda take these lines out. First it
puts a bunch of lines on then you even those lines out and then work your way on down the
wall. And that’s all you need to remember whenever you’re rolling. So let’s go ahead
and get a nice full roller of paint and then go ahead and put that up there. Don’t be afraid
to get more paint. Remember, the only time you really have a problem is if you let this
roller dry out on you, keep the roller wet and you won’t have to work too hard. Now here
I’m up against a kinda tricky surface so I want to go a little slower. You see I’m just
keeping it nice and slow to prevent any accidents. Now it’s got my texture I’m looking for so
I’m just going to roll it on down the wall. Now I’m up away from everything I can really
start to move. You see I’m leaning on one side here, on the right, that’s pushing my
paint out and on the left it’s lapping it out. You don’t really want to roll down on
the baseboard either, it gives it kind of an alligator hide you’re not really looking
for. Now, if you work in this way, pushing it out on one side and laying it off with
the other then you’re going to be able to get a nice even coat down your wall.

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  1. @lzshady I believe he is laying off the left side of the roller as he moves right to smoothe the paint line from the pressure on the right side of the roller. Laying off just means taking any pressure off which allows the roller to naturally smooth a paint line.

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