How to paint a matte black wall – tips and tools to use

How to paint a matte black wall – tips and tools to use

hi welcome to RM projects
products today we’ll be showing you how to actually paint a wall and actually a
matte black wall and I’m not showing all the tools and then also on these like
videos I’m gonna do some editing after live videos to make it a lot quicker to
show you this and snap but in the description box and I’ll put all the
links down to his tool that I’m using also the techniques and if you like this
kind of stuff subscribe to me it’s a new channel and I think this have more
unique stuff like this art projects and murals and full paintings and and mini
fridge wraps and stuff like that so all of my ideas inches one channel the our
masks projects and products it’s trying to teach people I do all kind of stuff
ok so first of all when are we doing is going to show you all the tools I am
going to have few or when we were using the blue tape of premium and what it is
it’s it’s a great it snaps off easily and also that removes quite a lot
quicker for the walls I’m going to be using one time it’s great it’s
lightweight it goes with all little holes and everything I’m gonna use my
five in one I’m gonna show you how you do use these five on ones I have a paint pan or power lumber but I’m going to use
water and I’m gonna actually show people how to when you’re cutting in the
ceilings if you get some paint above you can actually use a wet not very moist all right brush to remove the paint so
that’s been also it’s got the shop towels to to clean up
and everything you use a pretty brush about thirty roller
they’re pretty brush and also a half inch nap also we’re using the pretty
brush lock and yes our professional painter so it is kind of beat-up and
everything also all my favorite tools it’s all master I’m using an eight-day
tape you can see right here and all and I just love using a big tape
it has a great stickiness to it but also this is actually a film that’s how you
use in the paper I like using this channel because it it doesn’t seep
through or soak through also if the paint just adheres to it a lot a lot
better than the paint and I’ll totally blow this a lot longer it has four
hundred feet long also with the paint I’m using this is a
patent labra but also if you live in the Boise area what’s the ideal way area I
recommend going to Millers paint and grabbing the paint from there I just
have it leftover paint about about a half a gallon just enough to do this
wall but Miller’s paint is very I really love the Millers paints I’m also put
links all down below and everything this has a little bit of texture to it so I’m
going to do is I’m going to show you how to fill in the holes first and then the
proper way instead of using a spatula you just use your fingers over there
also cut-ins and if you get it over the wall because
I’m not gonna have my later on I’m gonna do the paint every different color here
but I just want a new black this black wall because I have some other projects
I want to do for this black wall for instance I want to get a projector over
here and projector over here and then the projects is so I do those videos for
my arm as visitors but so the projects that I’m doing for the
arm wrapped or is there are REM projects and products I’m going to project my
logos back here so I’m going to use a black wall and also I’m going to use
some black special paint for the projectors so it was very vibrant and
I’m gonna put links down below on that too in the description box where you can
actually buy the special black pink but as right now I’m going to use the black
paint for just for the walls just to give a good primer going and everything
but I just kind of show you the techniques and everything so the first
thing I want to do is I want to fill in these little folds right here so if you
got like that little holes of the what call that you put your screws in here
and then it doesn’t come off I would recommend just using I’m gonna actually
show you a little bit closer and I will edit all this later the first thing I
normally do I’m going to use the one time and then if it’s a light weight and
I wouldn’t recommend I just use your fingers and just kind of get as close as
you can so that is totally done like that all so let’s get back over the more
backing in so plug everything back in any comments
or questions comment down below and I’m just trying to teach you I as a
professional painter for 14 years and I did murals I travel the country I did
the full paintings and let’s see there he goes power so what I really do is I’m
going to fill in all the holes next and I’m just using my fingers down the hole
just the hole itself that’s it and and for this black wall I wanted a split as
possible so what I’m going to be using in the standard before I stand I want to show you how to mask yeah this is actually a tape right here I’ll be putting the links down below
underneath trying to help you guys out and when I gotta do okay first thing you
do is you’ve got cleave the edge right here oh yeah next thing I do I’m gonna
put this right up there and I every 8 inches I can’t get on it
and this tool is one of the one of the most used tools as a painter and the
beauty of it didn’t they take it it stick hand off you so if you leave it
awkward hey days you won’t it’s a magnet bad nightmare to remove all right so for around the doors and
move this over here real quick okay we’re out door trams also around windows
so this is actually a perfect a stickiness but also when you rip it off
it rips off nice and clean it’s really really sharp
I don’t you can see that but it has kind of like ripples let’s see if I can put
the right lighting I can’t anyway that’s really that’s one of the main
reasons I like this because it’s a great perfect
tap also it is it could I turn down top clean you don’t have to use a knife or
anything like that so what I next like I do I grab it right on the corner and
then I use my like this my hand down here as a guide and then I’m kind of
walking it down and I wish I wish I would have to have
this when I was in my painting day areas when I had a crew and I did all the
infrastructure repaints and murals and stuff like that because this actually
stuff is really good I really like this stuff this is a happy happy medium all
right next I’m gonna do is we’re gonna check their back you guys up okay and thanks for staying with me for this long
so hard I’m gonna use my screwdriver later on I’m gonna show you how to cut
in and if you get sits up over on it no big deal and this is my office
and here a lot of time okay next I’m using sandpaper is 100 grit and DeVault
I love the products and mr. hikes and tools and all kind of stuff you just
very trustworthy comfortable to buy stuff now this has got the orange peel
texture but I want as smooth and flat is that exactly perfect but I just wanted a
little more smooth than this so I guess is using sandpaper standard cut this and
vaginal Peggle for next step Oh can open the windows alright next I’m going to use a
lint-free rag also today I’m going to wipe away the dirt or dust Hey all right next one I do is organize spot okay so that’s I only do this we do
what’s called a cut in and we like using as a pretty brush this is actually you
can see I have to use it several several times and I mean now I’m going to show
you when I cut in all the edges right here also good opportunity to do this
right here with you too okay we’re going to kind of stop we’re
going to just edge right here so we’re going to stop down here so when you’re
doing something like this you can go right in the middle or top or bottom on
this one I’m going to close it toss it all right okay so what I do what we do
is I go probably about images and pulling tight kind of tighten that tight
tight but and what that does is sometimes the tape is straighter pushing that all in I’m not gonna stand
up here most important things at the end so on Quora right here a lot of times
you can use your knife or you use your 501 and this one up I gotta use my knife
but for now no this way I’m going to show you how to when we’re cutting end
this is actually a perfect height to cut in and I’m going going to use those wet
that would the moist brush against that the paint now I’m gonna accidentally I’m gonna do
it on purpose we’re gonna do two coats of the black normally what I do is I
would prime it and the reason why you prime it because it grabs when you pry a
wall you want to go back to original state of machine but also it grabs the
paint grabs on better so if you have like a semi-gloss or a satin Sheen then
you paint another sadness gene but you paint right in the middle where you
painted it’s gonna be a little more glossy that’s one part of it so what I’m
doing is I’m going it up and then using my little tip of the brush go right in
the edge what I’m going to do now I’m just going to do it on purpose I’ll go
over okay and then go so now it is let’s see if you can okay so now I got this my dry clean pink
brush and completely clean it has a little a little bit of water in it just
enough so now I’m going to do is I’m going to – it off and it needs a little
more water okay so I get right now they will get most of it off you just have to keep on getting you
paintbrush wet we got to do it when you get with the
paint still kind of fresh so that’s one little technique I’m a grad it’s a
little more work but if you don’t have the paint for the ceiling or it’s just
for the walls it’s a little little trick that I do every once in a while okay let’s just back up a little bit yeah for this all right put the keep up
a little bit sneak up so when I do cutting in at the
very very end you use your brush you’re done with it twice so it’s not big deal let me show you up there real quick okay so the technique is put it on right
good but you can’t get close to it gets closer you can and you need to do with
the brush uses a three and a half inch brush and it’s it’s it’s tapered on this
on one side so it’s a little angle and next it’s going to just kind of get post
like hand one way close the can the other way so you kind of go I go back
and forth and another technique is after if we
have a light ceiling if you want a nice clean edge and sometimes you can call it
this right here and just use your finger and then then paint it then you got a
nice clean edge and yeah when you do on dark colors like
especially this I always put two coats maybe in three coats that’s very NDC you gather it out I’m
really pushing it up on there now you get down here
I’m just almost almost dry brushing it just enough I’m not taking it on and
then when you join when you pull the tape off it should have a nice clean
crisp edge like I paint this side actually a gray
later on they’re like great and on this edge right here I’m not too concerned you can use tape to get more defined but
that’s the project yeah yeah it’s kind of go right above it
I’m kind of dry brushing it on once I put the second toe down then we can see
if it bleeds true I shouldn’t do that but yeah that’s
pretty good I’m going to use a roller on this guy
right here so I’m just kind of basically putting a
lot of paint on my brush and I’m filling it in right here
get as much as we can blow it up again it does take practice and then I wouldn’t recommend taping
your ceiling because usually take students to the ceiling the best best
way is actually the old-fashioned way just brushing it on I always I like leave about four inches
from the wall or from ceiling or the wall because when you put your roller on
you don’t want to get too close to the subject you don’t want to pinch now for the baseboards same thing I just
like to have about three inches from the baseboard so although it’s masked up and
everything is like a roller it’s like everyone I want times I go around this
step to logicals laughter this is all cutting in okay next thing is a hat controller now
that’s a pretty one pretty nap and then I so I’m using an extension I’ll sort of
roll a case I’m pretty okay so why don’t all you do is I will go over that up get
pretty thick and I start at one corner work my way down so the first layer I’m
not concerned about covering no big deal I just want to get it in all the little
grooves and get it done evenly then you will have to have to do two coats and
usually the first coat is in that was probably 60% or a little more it just gets weird color in the back on this one I’m just going to do a light
because it’s the roller is not loaded and a lot of times what I do is I get
the fan going so we can once I get done with first coat so I do one strike and I roll it out and I like to do is I
go I go back like this I I hit it in the back like this yeah what’s right and I’m really pushing it on just their
ever getting on this one actually makes it dry level but again this is a Maxine
I’m not concerned about it if you’re working with the gloss or semi gloss
units at me I do say anything if you one strike
I pushed out a hard just didn’t have to get it down and then I lightly go this
like what’s the it goes over that you had one strike I’m just filling in the little holes so
I get one covered up one time we let dry for an hour so I’ve just put a little
project right here I’m going to turn off the video so if you learn anything if
you guys think about this little project this is actually the beginning of the
project again like I said I’m going to do I’m going to give a projector and
then also I put the special black paint where I know what the projector is going
to go so it’s right over here down here and then on that time I did some videos
or like that if it’s arm wraps or our arm projects products for the logo back
there also it’s great just to have a scenery I’m gonna have like videos
playing in the background you know like got waterfall or something
like that with the projector that’s another project coming along I’m gonna
come pretty soon once I get the SPECIAL black paint from the company then I’m
gonna put them the link down below in the description box and the black does not make the room
smaller actually any dark color or light color puts in that contrast to it and
actually I’m going to do a video on black ceilings light so you really like
seeing the black swings and it doesn’t make the room smaller it just actually
is full VI that’s other video I will be doing is black ceilings okay so after
all this is done I’m gonna do one more cutting in the black also rolling on one
more time so other than that that’s that’s it I’m gonna actually I told you
I’m going to do is I’m going to do a little bit video editing after this is
done so it’ll be a lot quicker but if you got any comments or questions
comment down below and all the products are linked down below so you can do it
there or just go to the store like Home Depot or Lowe’s or Sherman Williams or
Miller’s paint you know all the products to like that if you have a project
coming along you got your questions about anything
let us know let me know and I’ll put the email in the description box down below
and you can email me or you can call me and stuff like that so thanks for
watching stay tuned I guess some more videos and products and projects coming
along we’re gonna work on the door but also and work on other things very kind
of unique I haven’t seen before so stay tuned alright guys

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