How to Paint a Mural : Creating the Lower Frame of a Mural

What I am going to be working on now is the
bottom area of the mural. I want to see how the hilltop lies where the tiger is lying
on the hilltop. So I am going to be painting all the area that will be covered in grass
and flowers. I am going to be using a very dark, very dark greenish paint and add a little
bit of yellow to it but it’s just for a background and I will then paint on top of it. And that’s
the dark green, I just adding a little bit of the yellow to give it a little bit of life.
So now I am starting over here in the corner because then I can see where the flowers and
the grasses end over here and start it roughly in the same spot which is here. This is just
going to be a very rough bottom coat. I’m not trying to make it look like grass or flowers,
I just want to get a dark background on the wall so I can then paint the grass and the
flowers on top of it. Here I am just going to get the basic shapes of the grass on the
hilltop in the foreground and also the way the tigers body sits down in the grass.

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