How to Paint a Mural : How to Fill in Vehicles on Wall Mural Project

ANGELA FRACASSO: I’m Angela with
And in this segment, I’m just going to start filling in the actual vehicles. I’ve done
the basics on the background. Of course, we’ll finish the background. As we go, we’ll put
the detail to it but at least we’ve got the background, basic color on there. And mostly,
this video is for–to show the basics and the techniques to do it so of course we wouldn’t
be able to get through all of it. I’m just going to paint in. Of course, we gotta do
the yellow for the construction trucks because that’s a pretty basic color and you just paint
it right in just to fill it in. You don’t–there’s really not much of a technique to just filling
in the base color. I think I like this brush a little bit better. And one thing I like
to do as I fill in the colors is I kinda like to have a highlight color and then my shadow
color right on the plate with me. When you’re working with acrylics, it just makes it blend
a lot easier, and I’ll touch up on that in another segment.

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