How to Paint a Mural : Mural Painting Supplies

ANGELA FRACASSO: Hi, I’m Angela with
and I’m talking today about doing children’s murals and what supplies you’re going to need.
So to start with the children’s mural, you want to start with the wall, of course, your
wall. And then you want to prep it with blue painter’s tape and a drop cloth. Get everything
protected that you don’t want to get paint on. I use just simple paper plates. I like
them because you can put your paints on them. When you’re done with them, you just throw
them away. Also with acrylic paints, you can use different mediums so some of them are
runny. Some of them are thicker, and so you can just kinda mix them around. What’s nice
about doing children’s murals with acrylic paints is you can use the cheaper brushes.
You do not need natural hairbrushes. You can use acrylic brushes. They can be–you can
find them at any crafts store, anything–you probably want to have several flat brushes
and then also round brushes to do different techniques. You’re going to want some acrylic
mediums like a retarder which is an extender, which is really good for doing shadowing and
things like that. And then whatever acrylic paint you want. You can use Liquitex. I really
like Benjamin Moore acrylic paints but–that’s what’s nice about doing acrylic murals because
you can use any kinds of acrylic paints and you can mix your mediums also.

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