How to Paint a Mural : Painting Mural Mountains

How to Paint a Mural : Painting Mural Mountains

So I am just going to put four of my basic
colors into this tray so I can work on the mountains, the river and the base color of
the brown – orange of the tiger. So this is the brown I am using for that. I’m just going
to pour some of this into one of these food trays. I like using these because you can
separate the colors in them. And then we have the purple for the mountains and also for
the mountains in the background this nice yellow – orangey mix. I was going to put some
blue in there. Actually no I can’t, no I can’t not quite enough blue left right now. I’m
just going to start using these colors. I’m going to start using the purple to create
some of the mountain shapes in the background with the snow capped peaks. Again this is
very, very, rough just a first coat. There’s one for the mountain. This one will be more
in the foreground so it’s actually going to put some yellow into it. This is just to get
some shapes right now, later on I will be putting some more green into this. These background
mountains here that follow on from the other mural are more of the yellow and brown.

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  1. you can also let it be – or just load up a textfile :o(
    save the space for someone, who WANTS to share his creative ideas with us.

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