How to Paint a Mural Using Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY decor ideas.

How to Paint a Mural Using Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY decor ideas.

hi I’m Janna and I’m Greg from Cutting
Edge Stencils today we’re going to show you how to
stencil this beautiful landscape mural using our ultimate mural stencil kit it
may look complicated but it’s really so easy to do
here’s what you’ll need your ultimate mural stencil kit optional dense foam
rollers and a paint tray artist in stencil brushes a 3-inch chip brush and
a round brush glazing medium latex and acrylic paints styrofoam plates low tap
painters tape paper towels and a small rag. let’s start by painting your rolling
hills and sky with a soft wash of color landscape murals always look best when
started at chair rail height approximately 36 inches off the floor
this style of landscape mural is called grisaille which is essentially just
tone-on-tone painting it’s classic and elegant and goes with everything the
background is achieved by simply painting various color values the
darkest at the bottom then medium and finally the lightest color where the
land meets the sky all colors are a various mix of just two flat latex house
paints medium beige and off-white. Blend and soften the colors with a 3-inch
brush. Don’t worry about making the lines perfect adding a little glaze to your
paint will make blending easier and your paint will not dry as fast the sky is
created with a lighter blend of beige and off-white paint and for the clouds
we’re going to use a pure off-white color. Use a round brush and a light
circular motion create wispy shapes by lightly rubbing the brush on the surface
of the wall make sure you have very little paint on your brush and blot some
paint off onto paper towels to make sure it’s almost a dry brush. For the widest
edges on your clouds just use a bit more paint on your brush. Okay with our
background landscape finished it’s time to do some stenciling. You’ll see the
ultimate stencil kit has a great selection of mural stencils such as
trees rocks bushes mountain ranges. Everything you need to create a
beautiful landscape mural. You can tape a few stencils to the wall
which makes it easy to choose the element that you want to use. Start with
the distant mountain ranges always start with the distant elements first and work
your way forward. Choose the mountain shape that you want
to stencil and position the stencil over the horizon line. This is where the land
meets the sky load your stencil brush by mixing some of the mushroom and linen
acrylic colors with some glazing medium. Blot off any extra paint onto a paper
towel. Pounce and lightly rub over the stencil, keeping the bottom of the
mountain lighter than the top. Lift a corner of the stencil and take a peak
make sure it’s not too dark since it’s a distant object and should appear more
faded. Remove the stencil and here’s our first mountain! Keep adding more and more
mountain and forest shapes trying to choose different ones so your mural
doesn’t look repetitive. Next put in your small freestanding trees like these
beautiful Pines remember that the more distant your trees are the more faded
and pale they should be. Now let’s move closer to the bottom and stencil a
larger fur tree. It can be a touch darker since it’s closer to the viewer. Finally
let’s stencil a large tree at the front. Let’s start with the trunk and branches.
Use mostly the darker mushroom acrylic color and always offload your brush onto
a paper towel. We’ll shade one side of the trunk and branches a little darker this
will give your tree a dimensional look. Apply paint using a light rubbing or
sweeping motion with your stencil brush. Now it’s time to do the tree canopy. Mix
a mushroom and linen acrylic colors with a glazing medium to create a glaze. Apply
your mix thickly using a sweeping motion inwards from the edges of the stencil
into the opening. The pouncing technique also works very well. Now take a small
cotton rag, fold it to create a crumpled shape and quickly move the glaze mix by
dabbing it here and there before it dries. As you see this clever ragging
technique creates a mottled finish that resembles foliage.
Let’s darken the edges of the canopy to give it some dimension with our mushroom
acrylic color. Remove the stencil and Wow! Here’s our large tree. Let’s connect
these tiny bridges that were holding the stencil. Together it’s done easily with
an artist brush by simply filling in the blank areas. This completes the tree.
That’s how easy it is to create this beautiful wall mural. Using Cutting Edge
Stencils ultimate stencil mural kit. It’s Beautiful Made Easy!

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  1. Thank you! It's honestly not a big deal to do this, the right tools and technique is key. Painted many a mural using this method…

  2. you make it look so easy but the rest of us mere mortals will have to practice and struggle for something remotely as lovely 😉 thank you for your videos. they're informative and fun.
    your graciousness is delightful.

  3. Cutting Edge Stencils has the BEST, high-quality stencils that can be used on any surface! Check out all of our easy to use stencils here:

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