How to Paint a Mural with a Projector

How to Paint a Mural with a Projector

How to Paint a Mural with a Projector. Ready to think outside the canvas? A wall is a masterpiece waiting to happen
when you follow these simple steps. You will need An image An indoor wall An overhead
projector A pencil and eraser A drop cloth Acrylic paints Paper plates or cups and paintbrushes. Step 1. Make two copies of the image you’ve selected
for the mural: one in color, and one black and white. Then use the black and white copy to make
a copy on to a transparency. Step 2. Put the projector on a tray or table a few
feet from, and facing the wall; then plug it in. Place the transparency on the projector and
turn it on. Position the projector so the image is the
right size and in the right place on the wall. Make sure the projector is directly facing
the wall. If it’s at an angle it will distort the image. Step 3. Trace the image on the wall using a pencil,
correcting mistakes with the eraser. Step 4. Lay a drop cloth in front of the wall to protect
the floor from paint. Step 5. Using the color copy as a reference, select
a color to apply first. Pour the paint into a cup, or on to a plate
and use a paintbrush to apply it to the wall everywhere the color appears. Rinse and dry the brush after use. Step 6. Move on to other colors until the mural is
completely filled in. If necessary, wait until it’s dry; then outline
sections of the painting with a fine-tip brush dipped in black paint. Voila! A masterpiece! Did you know Did you know? In the 1930s, the WPA Federal Art Project,
established to employ artists during the Great Depression, was responsible for 2,566 murals
across the United States.

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  1. @SinjinMcCloud Everyone SHOULD have one… now that Microvision's PicoP microprojector has hit the market. Soon we'll have projectors in our smartphones and media players! Check out the ShowWX at microvision(dot)com!

  2. finding these old projectors can be a task,,, took me forever,,,,, found one on craigslist for 40 bucks
    i use it to do wood yard art,,,,,

    remember ,as a kid,,,, these were in every classroom and library,,,, now i'd say they're like dinosaurs,,, and pretty much extinct and gone

  3. All I need is a projector and I'l be doing this when I get my first apartment to do the horse mural I've been wanting to do!

  4. Thank you tis i great-options can go much furtyher than this example- I could invent all sorts of wall murals using this method.

  5. I used to be a sign painter. If you don't have one, you can rent them cheaply from those rent everything type rental stores.

  6. There's a video on youtube that shows you how to make your own projector from cardboard boxes and other stuff you have lying around at home.

  7. The WPA funded 2566 murals, but they were actually painted using skill and imagination, not an overhead projector which had been invented by that time

  8. Make sure you mark the floor where the table is, and where on the table the projector is. That way, if you have to take a break, you can be sure your table and projector have not moved.

  9. Hi I am not sure if anyone asked this but what projector would you recommended? I want to do some project for my home for my kids. Thank you much

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