How to Paint a Room – Basic Painting Tips

How to Paint a Room – Basic Painting Tips

Ready for a change? A quality paint job is
one of the least expensive ways to transform your home and make any room look good. The first step, and the key step, is prep.
You need to do this. Watch our How to Prep for Paint video. Don’t run out of paint in the middle of your
project. The general rule when buying paint is one gallon will cover about 400 square
feet. Use the old length times height equation to get the square footage of each wall. For
the trim, use length—in feet—and .5 for the width. If you’re not sure about how much
paint you’ll need, head to for help. So here’s the general plan: work from the
top down. Do the ceiling, then the walls, and finish with the trim. If you’re using more than one gallon, mix
them in a 5-gallon bucket to ensure color consistency. This is called boxing. A smaller
cut bucket works great for the edges. Painting the ceiling is a similar process
to how you’ll paint the walls—brush the edges then use a roller. Remember–to avoid
spatter don’t roll too fast. Once it’s dry you can mask off the edges with painter’s
tape and start on the walls. To paint the edges, or cutting in, dip the
brush about a third of the way into the paint and TAP it against the sides—no scraping.
Holding the brush like a pencil, paint with smooth strokes, feathering out the edges to
prevent runs. Getting a little bit on the trim won’t matter since you’re painting that
later, but try not to be super messy. Now for the roller. If you’re using a bucket,
you’ll need a roller grid. For pans, use a liner for easy cleanup. To help the paint
load, first dampen the roller cover with a wet rag. Dip just a little ways into the paint
and roll a few times to even it out. Resist the urge to submerge the roller. It’ll make
a mess. (still shot) Starting near the edge, roll the paint on
in a zig-zag pattern. It helps to roll in several directions to get good coverage, especially
on textured walls. Go slow to avoid paint splatter. And don’t press and squeeze the
roller to get more paint out of it—just reload.
Work in 4-foot sections, top then bottom. Once you get going you can go back along the
edges. A few tips: turn the roller sideways to get really close to the ceiling and baseboards.
And to remove buildup and runs, lightly roll down over the painted areas. This is called
laying off. Paint one wall at a time for each coat, two
coats for the room. If you need to take a break, cover your bucket, and wrap up your
brush and roller. Put them in the fridge if you’ll use them the next day. After the walls are completely dry, grab some
painter’s tape for the trimwork. Run it against the wall-trim edge and press it down with
a plastic putty knife. Now you’ll have straight lines on your trim. Once you’ve painted the
trim, you’ll want to remove the tape. A knife can help cut along spots where it’s stuck.
Remove it shortly after it’s dry. This will prevent peeling. Some tapes have specific
removal time recommendations, so make sure you check before you pull it off. Finally, cleanup. For latex paints, run the
brush under water and use a cleaning brush to clean the paint from the bristles. Work
some hand cleaner into it, rinse again and reshape the brush. Use a 5-in-1 tool for roller
covers and store upright. How about that for some awesome impact? Remember,
take your time and enjoy great results. For more help with your paint project, check out Want more great ideas and how-to’s? Just click
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  1. @Lowes DO NOT WASH PAINT OUT TO SAVE BRUSHES!!! It going into or drinking water and is not treated properly or at all at the water treatment plants. DO NOT WASH PAINT INTO YOUR YARD. It get into the soil, lakes and rivers! Just through the brush away and get new. Dry solid waste in a capped and sealed land fill is much less environmentally damaging than washing toxins into water. Please as Flint, MI, if they think it's good to encourage people to wash things into drinking water. Please advice against washing Paint into sewer line and water unless you want to pay to clean them out and replace them instead of tax payers!

  2. do the ceiling, trim then walls, and do not waist time using tape on the ceiling or trim..they have no idea on how to paint,and you can tell buy how she is rolling the wall, cutting in, it was not a painter who did this video or had any knowledge of painting

  3. As a professional painter I find this video to be quite hilarious and embarrassing. You paint ceilings, then TRIM, then walls last. And you definitely don't tape an entire line across your ceiling for cut lines. that's ridiculous. You get a nice brush and do a clean cut line by hand.

    OMG edit… it just gets more ridiculous as it goes on. im laughing now HAHAHAHA ooooooh my god so bad

  4. O.k so I never painted a room yet I came to YouTube becouse I have a line up of painting jobs coming up upload a painting tutorial please

  5. Wow. All backwards.paint your ceilings and trim tape on the wall really!!paint the trim you can get a lil trim paint on the wall then u can cut your walls in and have a nice line.slap a piece of tape on trim to protect from drips from rolling walls.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful tips, I would suggest this guy –> they helped me a lot during my house painting process. 🙂

  7. I hope people don’t really follow this video there are so many things wrong with it a new painter will be in a hell of trouble.

  8. I saw the lady on the thumbnail rolling paint with the masking tape still on and laughed so hard. Been painting as a professional for a while now and this video is so backwards

  9. Um idk why I’m watching this because 1 I’m not painting my room my dad is and 2 my dad is almost a professional painter sooo idk why I watching this ok byeeeeee

  10. Ugh, makes me want to hire a painter, especially since a bunch of the painters here say the method is factually incorrect, I'd rather be outside doing yard work not huffing paint fumes.

  11. Pros don't tape 😉 they cut using high quality brushes. I'm pretty good at it now and it saves me so much time. I can paint a 12×12 room in 50-60 mins.

  12. My family is buying a for bedroom house from my aunt for a few hundred dollars and its in shabby condition so we are going to fix everything and repaint and just give the house a make over

  13. ..previous painter didnt prep so..if you have a steady artists' hand..go for it quick, then go out for the nite, let it dry. repeat sunday, whole unit done in one weeknd. tight.

  14. ..girls always skip a very important step..FACE MASK..theyre so used to inhaling toxic fumes in their beauty products, acetone and such..but god forbid it messes up their hair putting it on.

  15. More then 1 million views. wow, wonder how many watched the video without laughing. Learn how to use a paint brush and handle a roller before you make people fall for this crap. The only thing this technique will create is a blotched job with crappy finish lines.

  16. Great😳but iam paying someone too do it too old for all this😂iam just buying the paint and the rest they can do.

  17. I kept on trying to get my parents to paint my bedroom aqua. Eventually I gave up and let them paint it what they want, because they kept on asking. The colors are coded to parental authority. Aqua means you can have sex without your parent's permission.

  18. Nice and neat for do it yourselfers so they will give the professional the job for the quality that they can bring out, but wrong for professionally painter. First is the trim and all cut in work (corners and recepticals), then ceiling, then painy walls.
    We painters do not ever have holidays and holloways, as painting one direction. We go up and down and down and up, left to right and right to left, then go diagonally and cross back over the other direction. Then go side to side again, then go up and down again. Please, check with professionals of decedes of years in painting, before your school book learning takes all the quality of generational painting away from society, by giving false instructions unto do it yourselfers and those just learning painting of 10 years or less. Thanks and God bless

  19. these videos are def helpful if you've never painted before. as a painter, all I can say is be sure to prep the surfaces for best results. God speed

  20. Never higher friends! Everyone says they can paint ! Then there in a 12×12 room for a week ! They don’t even know how to stir the paint! They leave tape on walls nothing is sanded or prepped right! They have every excuse in the book! My friend was painting and he didn’t even stir the paint right he had like 80 percent oil and 20 percent paint! 3 hours of nothing! My other two friends did 2 bedrooms and it was horrible they were there for week! I told them on a Friday don’t worry about it I will finish it! I called professionals and they did my hole upstairs for half of what it cost me with friends., not to mention how bad there work was!

  21. I'm not the best painter but isn't it ideal to clean your walls first so the dirt doesn't chip off?
    And why would one put paint in the fridge? And why even do the ceilings last?
    There's so much to unwrap….

  22. Paint in this order – ceiling, trim, walls. Agree that you have to freehand the wall-to-ceiling trim. You can't tape that. I've never even heard of that actually! I also find that if you want a clean tape line on your baseboards, don't depend on the tape to not bleed through after you're done painting the walls. Paint your baseboard, or at least the top of your baseboard, the color you want it (typically white), THEN tape it, paint the baseboard color again over top of the tape where it meets the wall, let it dry, and then finish with your main wall color over that. Because your main wall color can't bleed through, you'll find the baseboard trim lines will be absolutely crisp with no bleed through when you take the tape off.

  23. Very sad!!! Ceilings first then trim, then walls! And you never section off a wall by painting top half first then bottom half. But this video good for a laugh 😂

  24. Im a Mexican thatclives in Polsnd and I started with thecwalls first, trim, little ceilin hetecand there. It really perked my peks and thangs. I Deutsche in between sessions. Use Howard Hughes yellow river paint. Poland exports. Think? Onlu taking female DM'$ for late night hype questionnaire or hands on help life help tips.

  25. This should be titled how not to paint a room. Using all that tape is a waste of time and it looks like sh*t when you pull it off. No paint, brushes or rollers should ever go in the fridge..its like wiping before you poop, doesn't make sense.

  26. Okay this is to many steps I just printed my room today and all I had to do was get paint on a roller and paint the majority of the walls and take a 1inch brush and go over the edges and the spots that the roller can't get and call it done.
    Doing that it took me about 3 hours where as doing what's on the video would take me double the time

  27. 1:11 actually don't waste tape (if ur not really shakey ofc) u can just save with a smaller brush 😉 TRUST ME I WORK AS A PAINTER

  28. Great video, I am doing an entire house myself, scary. You make it look so easy, hopefully by the time I get to the final room I will be as good as you

  29. I really need to use that tape since my ceiling is staying white and my trim color is dark brown while my walls are going to be an off white purple.

  30. Brilliant way to paint the interior of a home. Here is how you paint the exterior

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