How to Paint a Room : Caulking Wall Cracks Before Painting

Okay, so we just finished priming the wall
and we are going to let that dry for about an hour and in the meantime our next step
in our bedroom project is to do some caulking. Now there are several types of caulk on the
market and you want to make sure you get he painter’s caulk. Some of the other brands
you won’t be able to paint over them so make sure you get the right one. You want to make
the cut on an angle just like that. Okay, I have also got a bucket of water and a sponge
here and I will show you what that is for in a second. So we are just going to go around
the room and a lot of times where the paint meets the wall there is going to be a noticeable
crack and you want to fill those cracks and we want to fill those cracks and make it nice
and smooth. Just draw a bead right down that crack just like that. So again just run your finger down the line
and that will smooth it out real nice. You can even use the sponge for that. Okay, now I have quite a bit of caulk left here
so for the next time you want to use it I am going to put a little nail in the head
of it and that way it will stay nice and fresh.

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