How to Paint a Room fast

How to Paint a Room fast

Water leak repair Got the bucket down there This video is How to Paint a Room Fast Hey buddy
Down the end on the side Thanks This is what my backseat really looks like
normally its a bit worse I got this Sika caulking gun
see how it goes Looks pretty quality Thought i would lash out 20 bucks (Dollars) Australian dollars Little bit of liquid nails or pva glue
no more gaps, got the putty in the back My aeg drop saw
fan if it gets hot that’s it All this rain
I been keeping my muds in here to keep it dry so we are using wallboard sealer right now that is cut everything is getting wallboard sealer we going to finish the ceilings two coats, on top two coats on the walls undercoat the door between the wall coats If i get zapped can you upload it to my youtube channel? A little tip is when your rolling, after you dip it roll up not down, if you roll down you going
to flick paint everywhere Spread it out and then come back in and get close don’t load it up, right near an edge And don’t take it all the way to the top and all the way to the bottom on the first few strokes you got to spread it out to that

10 thoughts on “How to Paint a Room fast

  1. There's a saying ,that you don't have to bark yourself if if you have your own dog?
    Today's the day,gonna get me that drone

  2. Hey bud! I've watched about 10 videos so far. AWESOME STUFF! But you've gotta level the music down. By my estimate you've got about a 10dB difference. Have to turn speaker up to hear you speak, then immediately turn down when music comes on. Thanks for sharing these awesome vids!

  3. Fast not so much ,but you did use a sealer ,great ,unlike most painters,two coats of ceiling flat ,no sealer,quality job there max

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