How to Paint a Room : Painting Walls by Cutting In

Ok, the next step in our bedroom project is
to actually paint the walls, finally. I’ve got our paint ready. We’re going to go with
a flat on the walls and then the trim will be in the semi-gloss. Its quite a color as
you can see. I’m going to use a smooth surface nape on my roller sleeve. And what I’m going
to do is just dump pretty much all the paint into my bucket except for about a third or
maybe even a quarter. And as you can see, I’m using a once again, a tapered paint brush.
Its about a two and a half inch. I’m going to put my drop cloth down. Don’t worry about
getting the paint, the wall paint, onto the trim because we’re going to be painting the
trim after we’re done here so, but you want to at all costs avoid getting any of the paint,
the wall paint, onto the ceiling. If you don’t feel confident then you can draw a straight
line like that. I suggest getting some blue painters tape. The brush should be doing the
work for you. You just want to guide it along, not too much pressure. And again, we’re going
to be putting two coats on the wall here so if you don’t get it the first time, you’ll
get it the second. Just take your time. You want to give yourself about a border of five
inches all the way around so when we go to roll, there won’t be any danger of having
the roller hit the ceiling. And again, I’m not going to worry about getting my wall paint
on the trim because we’re going we’re going to paint the trim itself with a semi-gloss
after this is dry. Ok, so we just cut in the walls, now we’re going to go ahead and roll
them out.

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