How to Paint a Room: Three Easy Steps – Sherwin-Williams

How to Paint a Room: Three Easy Steps – Sherwin-Williams

[music playing] Hi, I’m Liesl
with Sherwin-Williams. A fresh coat of paint
can totally transform the look of any
room in your home. And all it takes
is three simple steps. The first step is preparation. Once you select the perfect color, use the Sherwin-Williams
online calculator to find out how much
paint you will need. Just measure
the height and the width of every wall you plan
to paint a certain color. Then measure
the height and the width of any particularly large
doors or windows in the room. Go to the homeowner site
at, select Color, then Color
Tools from the drop down menu. Choose Paint Calculator and enter
the information you’ve gathered. It automatically calculates how
many gallons of paint you’ll need or just ask Sherwin-Williams. One of our experienced in-store
associates will be happy to help you. Before you leave the store, be sure
to review our project checklists to make sure you have
everything you need to finish the job. When you’re ready to begin,
gather your materials, remove your furniture
and take down any drapes as well. If you’re painting a ceiling, Covering light fixtures
is also a good idea. To protect trim,
tape door jams and window sills with blue painter’s tape
to deliver sharp, clean edges. Next, remove any face plates. The few seconds it takes
saves time later. A final cleaning of the walls will
ensure a smooth, uniform finish. Step 2: You’re ready to paint. Whether you’re
applying a primer coat or using paint and primer
in one, start at the top. Paint the ceiling first, so if you have a little spattering
on the walls, it won’t matter. Next, cut in a border
a few inches wide around windows, doors, baseboards and corners and where
the walls meet the ceilings. Now you’re ready to roll. Work in two square foot
segments, one wall at a time. When you’re done,
move on to window trim. Work your way down
and paint the sills. Paint the doors last. That way you won’t mark
the wet paint as you come and go. If you’re applying
two coats of paint, make sure the first coat
is completely dry before continuing. This usually takes
around four hours. The third step is a quick cleanup. If you use the latex paint, clean your brush and roller covers
with a little household detergent and warm water. Clean any excess paint
from the top of the can and stretch cellophane
wrap over the opening. Use a small mallet
to firmly tap the lid down. Always check with
your community’s policies to learn how to dispose
of unused paint responsibly. And now take a step back and
admire your beautiful new space.

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  1. It seems simple but it is quite difficult for me as it requires a lot of hard work. I tried once and I gave up and called and they did the work well.

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