How to Paint a Wall and Get Straight Lines — by Home Repair Tutor

Hi DIY nation! It’s Jeff with Home Repair
Tutor, and today I’m going to talk to you about how to paint a wall and to get straight
lines every time when you’re painting with two dissimilar paint colors. So stay tuned.
I’ve got some great tips. I think you’re really going to like them. Let’s get started.
Have you ever had your primer or your top coat bleed through your painter’s tape—kind
of like this right here? If you have, you know how disappointing it is. So what kind
of a solution is there for it? Well, obviously you have to repaint. But how do you ensure
that that recoat is going to look awesome? So that’s where Frogtape comes in and also
silicone caulk. I’m going to use Delicate Surface Frogtape
because I just painted this yesterday—not even 24 hours ago. So the yellow Frogtape
is going to help me prevent from pulling back the paint that I just painted on this wall.
So what I want to do is put it on the wall like so. Line it up. Make a straight line.
And I use 2-foot—18 inches—to 24-inch sections of the Frogtape. Smooth it out with
my hand. And I want to line it up with this neutral paint so that I have a little bit
of neutral paint showing so that when I paint over the bleed marks, I’m going to paint over
a little bit of the neutral, cover the bleed mark, and blend it in with the orange paint.
I’m going to go down the wall every 2 feet with this Frogtape. I’m going to go all the
way down the wall, again lining it up such that some of the neutral is still showing—not
much, just enough. And I get down to the bottom where the base board is and just tear it off.
And then go back and smooth it out. Smooth it out in one direction. Not back and forth,
just one direction. With the Delicate Surface Frogtape in place,
the next step—and then this is the biggest tip—is to use a clear, silicone caulk to
seal the edge between the Frogtape and the surface that you’re going to be painting.
Now, the caulk that I have here is white, but it dries clear. So, I’m going to take—because
this is an outside corner. If this was an inside corner, I would just actually caulk
it straight on the corner. But because this is an outside corner, I’m going to take the
caulk and wipe it so that it seals the Frogtape. Once you put the caulk on the wall, what you
want to do is wipe it off with your finger—wipe off any excess with your finger—or a rag
that isn’t going to leave [limp] behind. Don’t use paper towels ’cause it’ll leave shards
of paper towel on the wall, and your paintjob is going to look terrible. So anyway, wipe
off the excess caulk with your finger…
and then you’re ready to paint. One other tip: Do not let the caulk dry. What
you want to do is, after applying the caulk to the wall into the Frogtape, immediately
paint afterward. And then when you’re done painting, pull the tape off the wall so that
the caulk doesn’t have time to dry. All right. Now it’s time to paint. Do that’s
all we’re going to do. We’re just going to paint that edge… get it looking good again.
So one extra bonus tip here: Make sure you get it back over the small section that you
painted where you had the bleed marks and use the full width of the roller to blend
in your new paint. So the final step is this: Pull off the Frogtape
along with the caulk that hasn’t dried yet. That way, you’ll get a really awesome-looking
paint line. Well, that’s how you do it. That’s how you
paint straight lines on your walls using Frogtape and painter’s caulk. So I hope that these
tips helped you out. Make sure you leave a comment if you have your own tips or your
own two cents—good or bad, I’d appreciate your thoughts either way. And if you haven’t
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So until next time, have a great day. And I’ll see you soon!
[Outtakes] Speaking of “one direction”… One Direction
is my daughter’s favorite band. Surprise, surprise.
So this is my dining room. And what do you think? Is it Halloween-ized enough for you?
So my daughter was born in this month—really close to Halloween—and we celebrate it quite
a bit. It’s a very important “holiday” for us. So I think that my wife did a great job
making this dining room look scary and I hope that you’re having a great fall yourself if
you’re watching this in the fall. Take care!

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