How To Paint A Wall & Not Mess Up!

How To Paint A Wall & Not Mess Up!

ever starred at a wall and thought to
yourself that’s one white looking wall kind of like this one over here and you
thought to yourself you know what I should paint something on it yeah I know
let’s face it creating something is hard enough but then just scale it up and to
put it on a wall that’s a whole different level not to mention the mess
you can make using these but what’s really the worst that can happen? hoping that you haven’t spilled anything you just have to repaint the whole wall white you’re back to square one,
you’ve wasted a little bit of your time but you’ve learned a lot so I say we try it here’s how I did it first up I took a picture with the iPad and sketched up a few ideas
then I finalized my favorite one and using a projector transferred the outlines
onto the wall with the help of a thick
posca marker, I outlined the letters to create crisp sharp edges
however the wall acted like a rough paper on the tip of the marker and
therefore ruined the marker itself my second option was to use the brush to
create these outlines that’s a little bit more tricky
not to mention about the paint drips you know when you put too much paint on your
brush the paint will start to slowly go down and then start dripping off your
brush now that’s the problem but instead of focusing too much on the problem keep
on working because as you go on you still have time to think about solutions
and that’s what I did I waited till I had a solution now using a small brush I painted in the parts that would be hard
to reach and now using the thick brush filled out all the letters it would be perfectly fine to in here
but I always think there should be one more step first off I tried something
using the white tip marker it worked really well but the edges were a little
bit too sharp so I opted off with my second favorite tool the chalk stick
adding a little bit of chalk rubbing it off with your fingers made it look
stunning! so there you go it’s not rocket science you can totally do it too and I hope this short video has inspired you to get
creative if you have any questions or
ideas what I should do next please comment below and if you haven’t already subscribed to this channel turn on post
notifications so you won’t miss what’s coming up next
thank you guys so much for watching and see you in the next one

33 thoughts on “How To Paint A Wall & Not Mess Up!

  1. Love it! You’ve come a long way and I’ve followed you since you’re first video! This year I want to do lots of lettering illustrations like this in my city! How should I go about it for business? Should I cold call coffee shops etc?

  2. 'Every failure is a step to success!' this video has that message! You're such an inspiration! Love your letterings and all💖💗

  3. I thought it's rocket science 😂 but you made it look easy 😍 definitely trying that on my wall🙂

  4. Good video, but I have one question regarding the chalk, how do you make sure that the chalk won't disappear over time, particularly if you have to wash/clean the wall?
    Keep the good work.

  5. Totally loving it 😍 the details added with chalk make it so much more alive. I am waiting to shift in our own house so that I can paint its walls 🙌

  6. Love everything about this video! The lettering, the content, the flow, the audio! Very inspiring! Keep the videos coming!🙌🏻

  7. Great video! Love the energy and fast pace while explaining it all really well. Fun to watch and what a great piece!!

  8. Hey Stefan, cooles Video! Freu mich über weitere Videos in 2020 😎😊 Meine nächste „Wand“ wird erstmal meine Küchenspeisekammertür, die mit Tafellack bemalt ist und ein schönes Küchen-Typo-Illustrationsbild braucht.

  9. I remember seeing these posts on IG. Just got my answer to the question of, if you traces the letters. I wish I could paint my room😢 but my dad won’t let me

  10. Thank you, Stephan! I'm going to create lettering on a wall today as well, in my case it's white letters on dark blue wall, you video really helped me gain some confidence, as it's my first time.. Thanks a lot!

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