How to Paint a Wall – The Work Around – HGTV

Proper painting
technique is crucial to the outcome of your project. I’m going to show you why and
how to do it the right way. Before you begin
painting, you’re going to have to choose a roller. On a roller, the length
of fiber is called a nap, and they range in size. Here I have a 3/8-inch nap,
a 1/2-inch nap, 3/4-inch nap, and an inch and a quarter nap. Choose one based on the
surface texture of your walls. For a smooth walk like this,
the standard is a 3/8-inch nap. For a wall, like this super
rough brick wall I have back here, I’m choosing to use this
really thick inch and a quarter nap because the fibers are
long, and they can get in these small spaces and
grooves that this 3/8-inch nap just can’t reach. Now that I have
the nap selected, I’m ready to start painting. I’m going to begin
painting in an X pattern because it will evenly
spread out the paint from the central location. When I go to redip my roller and
bring it back up to the wall, I’m starting my X in
a whole new position. That way I’m not painting
over the same area twice. Don’t worry about having a
little bit of uncovered space in between because when we
go back to the second coat, we’re going to start our X
from that center location. Now that I have
my wall finished, I’m ready to start my brick. I have the correct
nap chosen and now, I know the techniques to finish
this out the right way. All right, I gave a
point to the camera. Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow.

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