How to Paint a Wall

How to Paint a Wall

How to Paint a Wall. Never picked up a paintbrush? Don’t worry. You can still paint a wall like a pro! You will need Sandpaper Damp rags Painter’s
tape Drop cloth Primer Paint roller Replacement roller pad Paint 2 or 3″ brush Roller
pan Fan (optional) and small painter’s brush (optional). Step 1. If painting a new wall with no previous paint,
use sandpaper to smooth any bumps. If there are any holes, spackle and sand them. Then wipe with a damp rag. Step 2. Cover the trim with blue painter’s tape
and cover the floor with a drop cloth. Step 3. Apply a thick coat of primer with a thickly
padded roller. This will hide any surface imperfections and
keep the paint from peeling. Allow the primer to fully dry. Choose paint colors a shade lighter than what
you really want—colors often dry darker than you expect—and test them on a small,
discreet spot. Step 4. Tackle the edges first. Using a two- or three-inch brush, apply a
band of paint along the edges of the ceiling, windows, doors, baseboards, and cabinets. This is called “cutting in.” Small rooms take about one or two gallons
for the first coat; the second coat takes about half as much. Step 5. Pour paint into a roller pan and use the roller
to paint in an up and down motion. One technique: roll out a W shape in paint
and then spread it evenly into a square. Don’t paint from side to side—it can look
streaky. Step 6. Wait an hour or so for the first coat to dry. Want to make it dry faster? Put some fans in the room. Step 7. Apply the second coat with a fresh roller
pad with a lighter shag. Use less pressure the second time around—just
make sure the paint is distributed evenly. Step 8. Use a two-inch brush—or even a small painter’s
brush from an art store—to fill in or even out any spots you missed or that are too bulky
or streaky. Step 9. Once the second coat is dry (in about an hour)
carefully remove the painter’s tape. Step 10. Enjoy your newly painted wall! Did you know Fast-food restaurant walls are
often painted yellow or orange because studies show those colors make people eat faster.

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  1. @killerqueen92 Why do you say that? I am a painter and I am not dumb. I will not call you a dumb ass because I do not know you. Even thought I want to!

  2. @ChattanoogaPainters no, i didn't say that. i was quoting someone that was calling painters dumb except they spelled it wrong. they spelled dumbest "dumbiest". so actually they're the dumbass.

  3. U dont need to use painter's tape if you know how to cut in properly you nob end im a level 2 painting and decorating student and i know most of this video is wrong you DO NOT use primer on a wall if it has never been painted before you just have to give it a coat of white emulsion before applying the first coat of your chosen matt emulshion

  4. @mangakitten1 Yes i am a student at the moment and i am still learning since i've only just started my secound year at college and yes my english and maths are crap but i am not dumb

  5. I would suggest removing the low-tack painters' tape whilst the paint is still wet to avoid ripping off parts of the fresh paint. Check out my channel for some more How To videos on a range of paint projects!

  6. Blue painters tape, but in Denmark the painters tape is sand colored…. now i can't paint my walls 🙁

  7. my god just get a tradie in yo do it,if you follow this joker not only will you fall asleep on the job,a simple wall turns into a major project.

  8. only a complete fool would cut in straight off a roller tray like that, especially while up a ladder risking ruining the floor below with one slip.

  9. @TWASME1 hi mate, was just wondering, how do you seperate the ceiling? do you use tape as well or just use a paintbrush carefully?

  10. @ADAMKTN LOL r u joking, being able to paint professionally does not require YEARS, this is not like becoming a Medical Doctor, it's only painting. -__-

  11. I have had a few apprentices, you can teach them how to hold a brush and roll a wall in the first days but it takes longer then that to master the art and obtain speed and efficiency. Even when they have finished there apprenticeship they still don't know every thing there is to know about painting. So many people think they know how to paint but they don't and I'm sure I could perform brain surgery but I'm not to sure if the patient would survive.

  12. Three big mistakes here, you only need to prime any bare patches, and if you don’t they will stand out as dry area’s, secondly you should never use a new roller sleeve for final coats, use a used roller as new roller sleeve’s will still lose hair until used a few times. Also never touch up misses or holidays in the paint work with a brush like that, you will see the brush marks when the paint is dry.

  13. All external water based paints are self priming but interior water based paints are not self priming as such, you still need to prime or seal the patches but you don't need to prime the complete wall as it is already painted. New plaster board or drywall needs to be primed first.

  14. What a joke, can you make it look any uglier? Lets start in the middle of the wall with the roller, then to the right, then the left, then bottom, then top, ah. Crap

  15. Sure, why not? Anyone could paint a room, landscape a garden, build a deck, make a cake or whatever by watching a 3 min video but I dont think it would turn out that good. It takes years to master it, become a professional at it and do something that looks amazing that an inexperienced person could not do if they tried.

  16. Why are so many of you professionals watching a how too video? You all obviously know the best way to paint. You should make your own video and instruct the rest of us novices on how to do it.

  17. I have and I'm still in the process of adding more video's. And us professionals get annoyed when handymen show people the wrong way to paint.

  18. I understand your annoyed. lets take a few things into consideration though. One, painting is the joke of all the trades. Two, the right way and wrong way to do it is an "opinion". Three, if your "annoyed" that someone has made a video to teach their "opinion" of how to paint. Then you really need get to get a life.

  19. I get annoyed because people will watch this and think that this is how it should be done, they will end up spending more money on buying stuff they don’t need and if they follow the instructions, whoops opinion of this video then their wall will look like “dogs poo”. But hey that’s just my opinion.

  20. Dude that is totally reasonable. I would like to see your videos. I am always looking for tips to get better.

  21. naaaah you don't have to, this tutorial here isn't extremely bad but there are serious mistakes and lacks in it, so yeah it's bad, the regular painting can be explained in a tutorial that takes an hour or two, but not two minutes, and a person would have to watch it a few times to understand, and that's only normal painting, now painting (walls) like a pro – yeah that takes years to learn, but people usually don't understand this

  22. Tutorial that takes an hour or two and then watch it over and over? Are you kidding me? This video is more than enough. Unless if you're a total slob with no common sense. More experience, you will get better and that's the same with everything else in life.

  23. Wow, someone's feeling a little oversensitive. If you can't handle this then you take yourself and your profession to seriously.

    Jesus Christ man it was one line of dialogue.

  24. Yeah, this video was pretty bad. It's a good gloss over I guess… and the rolling technique that was shown will ONLY work with Flat paint.. NEVER do what this video showed if you are using Satin, Eggshell or Semi-gloss paint. If using anything other then flat paint, best to skip this video.

  25. I use the paint applicator with a pole to reach all the surface in one shot, when you pain in very lighted rooms, you can see the seams going everywhere; fast setting plaster or drywall compound can help speeding the process a lot.

  26. I think that to be a good video maker you have to tell the little details that you don't hear in videos like this one, i like it and it is a bit funny but some more info does not hurt.
    look at my videos, they maybe able to teach some more.

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  28. If you want to know how to roll a wall properly then watch my video, I also have lots of other videos with great tips on how to paint.

  29. We've tried the paint & primer and it's a bit tricky to apply. Secondly, it costs too much relative to just using two coats of finish paint. We just did a bunch of medical offices and the customer insisted on the P&P. We told them it was a waste of money but they still insisted on it .

  30. lol this is so wrong.. the smother the surface the smaller the nap for the roller.. a huge roller sleave with leave orange peal

  31. NADINE!? what are we doing on the same video!? lol omg im painting my aunts house and i wanted to look up how to do it just in case. and i know youre painting your room ha what a coincidence!

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