20 thoughts on “How to Paint a Wood Deck

  1. Painting a deck is the worst thing to do. I do not care what deck over you use to paint it with. A professional doesn't matter either. They say that so you hire a person that is a painter. Power spray is just fine and use a push broom. Then the best thing to do is let it dry and put on a Thompson's water seal I use the one with honey gold, its beautiful and gives a natural look. Our deck on the back side was so weathered from the hot sun , it was literally dry and gray and the Thompsons made it look brand new and and sealed it and it feels smooth. If you paint it I do not care what brand you use it will peel then you are stuck scrapping that paint off before repainting and more then likely will rot your wood from the water getting underneath before your even thinking of re painting. The nails will slowly come up from heat and then that allows water under paint and then starts the peeling effect. Painting a deck is the worst thing you can do. 

  2. After staining my SYP deck in the South several times with poor longevity, I tried painting it. Started with a dark paint, but learned the sun was so hot it pulled the sap up though the paint. Then went to a light gray. It lasts longer; but, the wood cracks eventually resulted in water penetration and flaking paint. Started skim coating with Big Stretch caulk a couple of years ago to seal the cracks before repainting and this has worked best.

  3. and this is exactly why you dont paint a deck,,stain it instead,otherwise enjoy sanding it all off at some point

  4. Very helpful and I am glad that he didn't "just get to the point"…. I was going to just paint over existing paint. Very easy to follow.

  5. At 4:00, you say to use two coats of stain; aren't you supposed to use only paint or are you referring to solids color stain?

  6. What about using Olympic Maximum exterior paint and sealant in one. I'm asking anyone who knows. I've picked the color Ebony Gray. Could someone please advise? I have a covered front and back Patio I planning on doing, but not until I hear from someone that's been there and done that.

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