And now I’m gonna show you something a little
bit different. We’re gonna do an abstract sunset. Now this can be created in any colours
you’d like. You can use two colours only, or you can go to multi-colours. We’re gonna
use a number of different colours to give something that’s very bright and vibrant.
The colours I’m gonna be using: I’m using black, brown, blue, red, yellow, and white.
These two spots here are your main reflection which will come from your sunset, so, nicely
loaded up with the paint there. Now that’s the yellow. As long as your paint is wet,
you will not have a problem. It’ll just keep mixing in and blending in. You will create
some quite interesting colours. You almost get some purple running through. There you
go. A lovely Indian Sunset. This was inspired from a trip to India that my wife and I had.
Ah, just so excited about the night skies that you see in India. You may be inspired
by a trip to the outback, or anywhere you like, or you jsut wanna create a sunset in
your own colours. But that’s how simple it is to do. [music]

10 thoughts on “HOW TO PAINT ABSTRACT WALL ART Art lessons

  1. Does anyone know where to buy that ARTWORKS paint that Glenn is using in this video? I live in the US (N.E. Florida) but tried an internet search and couldn't find it. Or if anyone has a recommendation for a great quality BULK size Artist Quality Acrylic Alternative that I can buy here or have mailed to me. I need Metallics too. Currently I use ONLY GOLDEN and W & N Artist Colors. I paint in both Acrylic & Oil. I need to be able to buy in gallon sizes or at least 1/2 gallon. I just don't want to spend $50-$200/gallon, lol. TY in advance for any help, y'all!

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