How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Caulk, Spackle & Primer When Painting an Exterior Wall

Hello! My name is Grady Johnson and I am a
professional painter and today I am representing Now I would like to talk
about the materials we are going to need for the exterior wall painting today. To start
with we are going to have to do some caulking. Now there are a lot of different caulks out
there but only a few that work well. Always use an acrylic latex caulk. The new ones have
a little bit of silicone in them and they are still paintable but never buy a silicone
caulk. That’s just not going to work. You are never going to be able to paint it. Now
also we are going to be doing some speckling today. There are a lot of different kinds
of speckling out there. I recommend the light weight speckling. Now if you get into a big
job or if you have a huge hole you got to use, you may have to pick up something a little
heavier like a joint compound or a plaster. But for most of your work you are going to
be okay with a good light weight all purpose speckling. Okay. Next I want to talk about
primers. There are oil base primers and latex primers. The latex primers of today are just
as good as the oil base primers so the best rule of thumb to stay out of trouble if you
are painting with oil, use an oil base primer or if you are painting with latex like we
are today, use a latex base primer. Use a water base primer for your water base paint
and you will never run into any problem. This is true of acrylic too. Now we will be painting
with acrylic today and this is a semi-gloss acrylic which gives you a little bit of a
sheen but it’s not going to dance so bright like a high gloss. Semi-gloss is what I prefer
generally. There are glosses and flats, whatever you prefer but generally on these, we use
a semi-gloss and we will be using white today. You can paint the eaves in oil but now days
everybody uses these acrylic latexes; they just work a lot better. Now they are also
water based, easier to clean up and they are kind of like plastic when they go on. Therefore,
they are easy to wash up. Be sure you get a semi-gloss or gloss finish. The flat is
not going to look right against your flat wall. Finally we are going to be putting on
a latex exterior wall paint. This exterior wall paint is the best thing to use. Obviously
the more money you spend, the longer it will last. Buy yourself the color you are looking
for and we will talk a little later about how to box that up. These are all of the materials
you are going to need to paint this exterior wall.

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