How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Cutting In When Painting an Exterior Wall

Hello, my name is Grady Johnson and I’m a
professional painter. Today, I’m representing Well, you can see we’re
running out of light. I’ve had to lose my sunglasses. But, I’m going to go ahead and
cut in this wall now. Now, the eaves are looking really good. And, we’re just going to cut
in a straight line right along the edge here. Now, this point will come in handy when you
get into those tight corners. And, remember, the line you cut here is the permanent one.
So, be careful not to get any up on the white. So, go ahead and get yourself a full load
of paint. Remember, just pat that into the sides and cut your line. Now, when you throw
the line out, throw it a little bit below the actual place you want the line to go first.
And then, work that paint up in there. Now, these corners, you want to just lay it up
in there and build that little corner for yourself. Once you’ve got that corner, just
draw that on down. Now when you go sideways like this, you’ll get more paint on your brush.
And, just pull out that line as straight as you can. Now, you can tape this too. The problem
with tape though is you’ve got to take it all down when you’re done. Once you really
learn how to cut a line, you’ll save a lot of time if you don’t need to use the tape.
Tape does make it easier though. But, remember, the tape’s not the answer to everything. If
you do paint on tape, be sure you lap up over it and not underneath it or it’ll roll up
underneath the tape. Go ahead and pull that line on out. You want to get that nice and
straight. Alright. Now, once you’ve got it straight, once you’ve got a straight line,
you just fill in the rest of it. And then, leave just enough room to get your roller
up in there. Now, you don’t want to leave it too narrow or your roller’s going to bounce
up on top here. So, cut it on down here a good ways so that when you roll up to it you’ve
got plenty of room. And, then I’m going to fill in that bottom part underneath it. Now,
you’ll find this stucco sometimes takes a little more. Just fill it on in there. And,
if you can get a stubborn hole to fill up, just pump that brush a little bit in and out
and that’ll move that paint up into, into the brush. Alright. Now, you see that I cut
a pretty good free line and you will too once you get the hang of it. But, you might want
to use tape. A lot of people do. Now, the trick to using tape is you need to brush off
the tape and not let the brush roll underneath it. If that brush rolls underneath it, you’re
going to have a mess and it’s not going to look like a straight line. If you’re always
brushing off the top of that tape, then, you shouldn’t have any problem. Tape’s a good
way to start, but it’s hard to fill in the little teeny holes in the stucco which you’ll
learn if you learn how to use the brush. Also, if you know how to cut in a good sharp line
and you don’t have to tape, you’re going to save yourself a lot of time. Well, I’ve just
about got this section done. I’m going to fill in the rest here. Cut in these bottoms.
Alright. Another little trick is, is when you feel your brush getting low, just pump
it up and down a little bit. And, you’ll put a little more paint towards the end of your
bristles. And, that’ll sometimes fill in a nasty hole. The key really is just to keep
a firm grip on the brush. There’s a saying in paint, “If you drop your brush, you buy
the beer.” Because a lot of painters, believe it or not, like beer. Okay. Now, we check
our corners after we’ve got that done. It looks pretty good to me. Now, I’m ready to
move onto the next section. This is how you cut in an exterior wall for painting.

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