How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Paint Tools & Supplies When Painting an Exterior Wall

How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Paint Tools & Supplies When Painting an Exterior Wall

Hi I’m Grady Johnson and I’m a professional
painter and today I’m representing Okay now I like to talk a little bit about
the tools we are going to need for these job. Now a professional painter or any painter
most have some kind of scraping tool. I would recommend a putty knife or even better a 5
in 1 tool, also a rag it seems like little thing but this is how you clean up bits of
paint and make your job look perfect. You are of course going to be doing some caulking
today and when we are caulking we need a good caulking gun. There is alot of different kinds
out here make sure you get one that has a good trigger on it and also it does help if
you have a poker. If not you could always use a stick. You do need to drop off the area
you are going to need a couple of drop clothes I use a runner and a big one that I fold up
to catch the paint chips and also to protect the ground from any paints that falls. Now
when we get into the painting we are going to be looking into pouring up into cut pots.
Now I made this cut pot right here by cutting the rim out of a old one. These little ones
are good to especially for the smaller stuff you would find these at the different home
improvement centers. I’m doing about 3-4 set up today so I have several of them on the
site. Now for brushes you would see 3 different kinds of brushes cause today I’m working in
3 different kinds of paint. Now the primer is the roughest paint and usually works on
the roughest surfaces. Use your cheap brush don’t use the good brushes on primer. Buy
something cheap even a throw away brush like this one here. Now this here is the most expensive
brush this is actually the best brush that I have even if it has a cheap wrapper, it
should have a wrapper like this it is a older brush and it is my best edge. I use that for
painting the eaves now the eaves need this type really good edge on with a sharp point
on the end like that. That is what gives you that sharp line when you are cutting into
things. You want to use your best brush on that because you are painting a smoother surface.
Now when you get into rougher surface this brush you see it use to be good like this
one but it has alot more work and this point is rounded a little bit on it. So I use this
to cut into my walls because that still got a nice edge on it but it is not nice as the
other one that I have for the eaves. We are going to do some rolling once we got it all
cut in you are going to need to roll it and when you roll make sure you get yourself a
good frame you could work with. I recommend a wooden handle something solid, jsut be sure
it spins well and it doesn’t stick on you. That is when you run into problems and it
slides on you. There is a bunch of different ones out there buy yourself a good roller
frame and you could use it over and over. Now for the cover the roller cover on a exterior
wall you want at least a inch and quarter nap don’t give 3/4 or a quarter that is more fo

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  1. Inch and a quarter nap roller cover?? but my exterior wall is 7 inch LAP siding? I'm no expert or anything but wouldnt a 3/4 inch nap roller cover be better?

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