How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Painting an Exterior Wall & Home Improvement

Hi, I’m Grady Johnson, I’m a professional
painter and today I’m representing Okay, today we’re going to paint an exterior
wall and when you’re painting an exterior wall there are a few things that you need
to do to prepare for it. One of the first things you need to think about is this is
physical exercise, you’re going to need to stretch out a little bit, prepare yourself
before you do this work. It’s always good to keep yourself hydrated as well, because
if you get overheated, believe me it’s not going to make for a fun job and you don’t
want to leave painting half done or it makes a mess. Now, once you’ve gotten yourself ready
to go, then you’re going to need to prepare your area. Now, you can see looking at this
wall there’s a lot of clutter around here, make sure when you’re painting there’s nothing
underneath your feet, you want it all cleaned up for yourself. We’re going to talk a little
about the proper tools and what we need to buy to be able to do this job and we’re also
going to talk a little bit about the preparation. Painting is all about prep, so we’ll talk
about caulking, spackling, scraping and also spot priming. Remember it’s physical work
and it’s important to keep hydrated. When you’re working outside generally you are in
the sun, if it’s nice weather especially and you’re going to want to be sure and keep yourself
nice and cool. So wear some protective eye gear to keep the stuff out of your eyes and
you want to wear dark glasses to kind of block the sunlight. Most the time you’re painting
with pastels or light colors, so when that stuff reflects, you want to have something
to protect your eyes. You can damage your eyes with too much light and if you get too
much light during the day it will ruin your night vision. Also, remember to wear a hat,
a hat is a good thing to do, when you have on a hat it protects your head and also keep
you from getting burnt up. I’ll also talk about actually washing the walls and the eves
and also today we’re going to discuss a little bit about how to do actual painting. Now a
few things that have to be painted here, we’re going to paint the eves underneath and on
top on the front and we’re also going to paint our wall. Now, there are a few techniques
that we’re going to go over that tell you how to do that, but those are the areas we’re
going to paint, so we’ll talk a little bit about how to cut and how to roll. Okay, that’s
everything we’re going to do here, we’re going put together a brand new wall with two coats,
we’re going to paint the eves and we’re going to paint the walls and we’ll talk a little
bit about how to clean everything up, that’s our brushes and our rollers and that’s everything
you’re going to need to know to do an exterior paint job.

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