How to Paint an Exterior Wall : Washing When Painting an Exterior Wall

Hi I’m Grady Johnson and I’m a professional
painter and today I’m representing Okay now we are pressure washing the wall.
When you pressure wash a wall just like the eaves you want to work with gravity start
on top of the wall and bring it all down. Now what we are doing primarily is taking
off the dirt and grime and the chalking. Chalking is what happens to paint when it is hit with
sunlight for a long period of time. It is sort of a white substance you may have seen
if you ever leaned on a wall. So start working on top of the wall this is all pretty tight.
Once we got down below the eaves you would see where the sunlight hits it, it is really
starting to peel. Now we are going to work that off of there by working the water stream
like a chisel that would chisel out all of those loose flakes. Now that is how we remove
the loose chips on the wall. The rest of the wall has to be done to because we want to
get the dirt and most importantly the sun makes that white chalk. That is that white
filth you get on the wall when you put your hand on it. Pressure washing takes all of
that off now you will want to find a way to square that off. What that means it is going
to peel up and when you get to a strong part you will keep going if you work it to much
you want to even that out and finish it out with a scraper. By the end you will seal it
all down. I’m going to go ahead and pressure wash this wall and get it ready for painting
but these are the basic tips you need to remember when you are pressure washing a wall.

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