How to paint brick, concrete and cement: Dulux Texture Rock

How to paint brick, concrete and cement: Dulux Texture Rock

Hi. I’m Charly Duffy for the Dulux ‘how to’
series on exterior surfaces. Using a textured paint is an effective way
to add style and character to your outdoor living space.
Dulux Texture Rock is a water based exterior paint with a light grained texture profile
to create a delicate rock finish. It’s suitable for brick, concrete, fibre cement
or masonry surfaces. In this demonstration we’re going to show
you a simple method using a roller and a brush to achieve a classic, textured effect.
You’ll need a Wide brush A Medium nap roller
A Roller tray Quality masking film and external grade tape
A Drop Sheet and a Stirring paddle You’ll need to mask off adjoining surfaces
that need protection with a quality masking tape. Remember to remove the tape when you’ve
finished the job before the paint sets. Make sure the surface you’re about to paint
is clean and well prepared. Sweeping it down with a broom is a good way to free your wall
of any dust or excess particles. It’s well worth having a look at the useful
surface preparation tips on the product label. Give your paint a thorough stir using a wide,
flat paddle in an up and down scooping action. Now, using a brush, cut into edges and difficult
angles that won’t be accessible with a roller. Apply the first coat with a medium nap roller
by rolling straight strips from the ground up. Be careful not to overload you roller
and when you have a manageable section, roll over it diagonally to achieve an even spread.
You should be ready to apply the 2nd coat after about 4 hours of drying.
To achieve the textured effect we’re going to use a wide brush to apply the 2nd coat
in a random, criss- cross action like this. Make sure to overlap your criss-cross sections
to ensure an even finish. The paint will lighten in colour as it dries
and it’ll take about half an hour for the effect to become apparent.
Dulux Texture Rock is available in a range of exterior colours and is certain to lift
the look and feel of wherever you choose to use it.
To easily change the colour and look of existing texture walls, sand back the coated substrate
to a sound surface and apply 2 coats Dulux Weathershield
If you would like further painting tips on interior and exterior surfaces, be sure to
have a look at our other Dulux ‘how to’ series. Worth doing, worth Dulux.

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