How to paint edges without tape || Cutting in interior walls || Professional Painting Secrets 2020

Hey guys, alright, so today’s video is all about cutting in or painting your edges So what you’re gonna need is a good brush. Here I’ve got a Purdy Pro extra three inch angle sash brush If you want to see a video about all the brushes I recommend for painters to have, go ahead and check out the link in the description below! We also have a four inch mini roller and Our grid. So let’s hop right in! Alright guys You’re going to load up your brush, shake out the paint and I just brush off my extra paint right on the mini roller. And What you do when you cut in, is first of all how you hold your brush is very important I always hold clear down here on the ferrule, which is this metal piece. And you’re gonna go ahead and slap your paint on I always put a good thick coating towards, Away from where you’re making your line and what you’re gonna do is use pressure to get your bristles right in where you want them and Make a nice straight line Okay, so you pull it in tight To where you want it and Then you always go back the opposite direction Which is very important, especially on these heavier textured walls to fill in any holes And then what we do with our mini roller is we come back and This isn’t to put paint on the wall. The only purpose this serves is to get rid of these brush strokes and blend in to the texture that we already rolled the wall with so you just go across there once dip again get rid of our excess and We’re gonna come in on the ceiling line Use our pressure to get our bristles where we want and Make a nice straight edge When you’re cutting in ceilings, it’s important to get the paint clear up to the ceiling It’s to get a little bit of paint on the ceiling rather than have it below that way When you look at it from a distance, you have a nice clean line. So we’ll come back across here. Drag it back the opposite way to fill in those holes Then come back with our mini roller we’ll camouflage it in And that is Your basic principles on cutting in so just remember put your paint up And don’t be afraid to load up that brush use pressure to get your bristles where you want them and Make a nice straight line. Be sure to come back To fill in your holes feather it out And Blend it. I Hope you found this video helpful if you did Please like and subscribe and use this on your next painting project I’ll be sure to check us out on social media if you want to see how I Actually use all these principles on real jobs for my business Thanks for watching. Thank you so much, until next time!

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