12 thoughts on “How to Paint Exteriors | Mitre 10 Easy As

  1. Just wonder why not to fix all the dents and cracks and gaps before putting the very first layer of primer? Any good reason? Thanks.

  2. Great vid – Wife & I used the product called floetrol that the paint guys recommended to add with our water based paint and it was a god send by not allowing the paint to dry too fast per stroke in the heat. Even better was the finished look, as it had removed the brush stroke look and looked like it had been sprayed finish – top product.

  3. Thanks for a great video how to. 👍👍 What about if the corners have metal on and they are bubbling and rusty.

  4. I did this step by step but I did not end up with a table of cheese and grapes. Must have slipped up somewhere along the way…

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