How to Paint Overlapping Squares on Wall | Paint Techniques

How to Paint Overlapping Squares on Wall | Paint Techniques

In this Interior Decorative painting technique
video we’re going to be exploring making overlapping geometric squares, or I’ve taken the liberty
of also including rectangles. So they’re really geometric shapes. You can introduce circles, triangles, whatever
you’d like to do. But basically this would represent an accent
wall in your room or your office, and these squares would obviously be much larger depending
on how big your wall was. So for the time being we’re just assuming
this is possibly the middle of your wall and you’re going to have five different geometric
shapes that are overlapping and different metallic glazes and paints. So, these three I did earlier and this one
I have taped off, the fourth one. And I thought you could watch me tape off
the fifth one. So make sure that the edges of your geometric
shapes are well pressed down, otherwise you’ll find the metallic glaze or the paint will
bleed underneath. And here I have some copper paint. So we can do the middle one first. And I’m just going to dab it on. So, of course, the beauty of using a metallic
glaze is that you can see through that copper down to that silvery base, and that pearly
base that we have on this geometric shape right here. So that’s rectangle number one. And for this one here, I’ve chosen a black
and bronze. And remember when you’re doing this on your
walls, you can also use a glaze. As opposed to a metallic glaze, you can just
use paint colors that you like. And it’s perfectly fine to pull off the tape
while the glaze is still wet. And there you have your overlapping squares
and rectangles and basic geometric shapes.

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  1. my room wall is white..but after long time still clean ….i think maybe future paint light blue also looks well

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