How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn

How to Paint Pop Art With Acrylics – Marilyn

hi there would you like to learn how to
paint pop art with acrylics Marilyn Monroe is one of my favorite subject
that Andy Warhol used for its fabulous art so I created this tutorial step by
step for you and that’s coming up next hey I’m Natalie and on this channel I
create painting tutorials for you and also art supply reviews so if you
haven’t done so please subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up if you
appreciate the tutorial let’s get started okay so the paint today you need some
white black red blue and yellow I’m also using a glass glazing liquid don’t
forget a cup of water and some paper towels for my brushes I have an angle
brush a medium flat brush a small detail brush and at large flat brush you’ll
need a small round sponge and also don’t forget to print your stencil both links
are in the description below I am painting on a small 11 by 14 stretched
canvas so I place my traceable on top of a piece of carbon paper and I secure it
with tape now make sure you go over all of your lines now carbon paper you can
find that at staples or I have a link in the description to order it online and
lift your image before you remove your paper so that you see that all your
lines are really there so it makes just a little bit of yellow and your glaze
and apply it all over your canvas so the glaze is gonna be a foundation
for me to get those really crisp lines it helps with smoothing out the grain of
the canvas we’re going to let this dry and come back with our nice blue green
background we’re going to create kind of a Bluegreen like this for the background
let me show you how to do that let’s grab some white a good amount load
your brush about twice and bring it in the middle and grab a corner of blue so
we have a medium to light blue and now we want to warm this up to create our
blue green so again with the corner of our brush we’re gonna just load our
brush with some yellow and bring it into the medium blue this is gonna be the
color for the background so we’re going to paint these two areas
right here we’re going to use our large brush and you can switch to a smaller
brush to go here and there little smaller areas I’m using my smaller brush for the
little areas right here back to my large brush and
I want to create the eye shadow above her eye with the same color of the
background I’m just going to add a little bit more of the glaze it’s a
glass glazing liquid but now I’m going to be using that medium to create
transparency so I’m using the same color as the background and I’m mixing about
one part of blue two parts of glazing so I’m just gonna do a brushstroke right
right here and right here I’m just so you’re basically covering from the
eyebrow down to her eye right here same thing here I’m applying a little bit
more I want to do a little bit of blue here
as well there just were balancing just to add a
little bit more of that blue next we’re going to create the skin tone for her
face I’m doing a pink skin tone I’m gonna grab a little bit of white corner
of red you’d be a little bit more white I would
say two part white one part red and warm it up with some yellow and now we’re
going to add this color to the face I like the look of the transparency that
our layer of glazing at the beginning is giving us with the skin tone I’m applying very light touches kind of
happy with the skin tone I really like it
okay so next we’re gonna move to the very dark areas of our painting and
that’s where things are gonna really start to pop I’m going to mix a blue and
black together equal part blue black basically it’s just making your Mars
black just a little softer we’re gonna cover all this area it’s gonna be this
dark blue black and we’re gonna go and cover these areas we’re going to be very
careful these are like little islands almost and I’ll show you where the black
and goes I’m going to put some little touches where we’re gonna apply our
black so right here so this is gonna be all black this here is gonna be black
okay she’s gonna be black we’re gonna have black eyebrows these are gonna be
black like this whole area is gonna be black right here
okay so so I want to start with this area right here while this dries a
little bit more so now will be a good time to pause
again and clean your water and we’ll come back with this yellow hair and
brighten it up and then we’ll finish up some details in here with the black and
then we’ll do some really cool effects for our pop art creation I’m using my
pure yellow to brighten up the hair I’m using my small medium flat brush it’s a
number four now your yellow is a very transparent
color so what I want to do is go over my guideline and kind of give it like a
half an inch pass my guideline and this is gonna create a really cool effect
just let the hair line I did a little bit going over with my yellow adding a little bit more here and that’s
about it our next step is going to be the black outline now we have this
blue-black color that we used for the turtleneck and we’re just going to add a
little bit of water to make it more fluid for those smaller area so maybe
add about 10 drops of water in your black mix it so now we’re going to use a
very small very fine brush it’s all it’s our detail brush and let’s start working
on those areas that are very small areas all around I’m keeping a piece of paper
towel and I’m gonna twirl my brush to make sure there’s no extra paint at the
tip of my brush it’s so beautiful
you take a step see now we’re going to do the outline
outside work a little bit outside the hairline and come back with those little
areas I just want to make sure you understand what’s going on right here so
we start outside right here and you can start on top and just basically bring
your guidelines down like this you can outline the nose I’m going to apply some red with a
medium brown brush on her lip right here so this area is actually her bottom lip
and the black underneath will be the shadow under the lips so this is red but this is all going to
be black so we’re going to switch to our small brush and continue the dark
outline with my small brush I’m going back with
a little flesh tone just to fix this area a little bit kind of to smooth out
the transition and they’re going over the red like this just just a little bit over
the red I’m not covering the whole thing I’m using the tip of my brush for the
beauty mark and finishing this area we’re not done
here I thought I was okay outlining her jaw spill dots right here
a few dots right here might add a little bit of blue and the other side by mixing more of the pink of our face
the skin tone but with a little bit more red to make it a little bit more pink
and I’m gonna do a little bit of dots in the background with a small sponge I’m
just gonna create some interesting texture and layering on the back see next I’m just still using my blue-black
gonna to go over some of the areas where I can see that some of the paint is
missing might have missed a few spots so just gonna go over it and I’m putting it
pretty thick I like to see a little bit of texture and the brushstroke last but not least I want to add some
touches of white so with my small flat brush and I just want to do some
highlights this one right here a little touch on the shoulders I’m going to add a touch in her hair
right here more right here I want to do a few touches with the back
of my brush inside where we put the blue doing a few dots here with the back of
my brush this helps with the transition of the yellow right here she’s shining with my very small brush I’m going to do
a few dots in our eyes I’m going to do the dots at the bottom left corner a little dab on the lips I’m going to
add yellow here instead of the flesh tone so this is our ear and now this is part
of her hair yeah better I’m touching up some little areas
here and they’re coming back with a little bit of coming back with a little
bit of white tiny bit there we go if wala we have our pop art Marilyn
Monroe style painting I hope you had fun let’s sign our our organ say goodbye so
before I say goodbye I just really wanted to say thank you for hanging out
with me and painting this pop art portrait of Marilyn Monroe again if you
haven’t done so subscribe to my channel leave a comment below don’t forget to
give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this tutorial and if you want to paint with
me again make sure to check out these latest painting tutorials I’ll see you
soon until then stay creative bye for now

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  1. Saw your link in VRA! I love the way you explain things, especially with color! You totally make me feel like I could paint too! I haven't picked up a paint brush in YEARS (only makeup brushes for me, lol!) but thoroughly enjoyed the entire tutorial! Cute intro, I look forward to seeing more videos! New subscriber <3

  2. This was so fun and educational to watch! You are extremely well spoken, great at teaching, and you speak and work at a speed that is perfect for people to be able to follow. I love it!

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